Legal Project Management

How 2021’s legal project management system looks like

Year 2020 has influenced the business world more than any historical event so far. People are forced to change their lifestyle and business model to cope up with the current situation. Apparently, no industry is untouched from the impact of COVID-19.

However, when speaking about the legal industry, there is very little to worry about. With so many remote platforms and software, it is easy to carry on with the usual work practices without stepping out of your comfort zone. Fortunately, the Legal industry works hand-in-hand with technology for years. Thus, it becomes easy to adapt to the ‘New Normal’ and have an entirely functional firm no matter what the circumstances are. At the same time, many Law firms and legal corporations are looking for a one-stop solution for all their Legal Project Management needs rather than juggling between different tools or software for managing their clients’ matters.

This article will help you understand Legal Project Management in a much better way. And also, what makes a system ideal for all size law firms? To begin with, here is a quick understanding of the Legal Case Management system.

Legal Project Management system allows law firms or teams to achieve optimum results for their clients. It enables firms to coordinate their services and streamline their workflow towards client-centricity. One can also say that it is a technology-led step heading towards mobility and tech-savvy future of the legal industry.

Now, it is time to check out some exclusive benefits of such a system

Enhanced Security:

According to The American Bar Association’s TechReport2019, 26% of law firms surveyed have reported some sort of security breach, while 19% are unsure if they have. On top of that, only 35% of firms take preventive actions against cyber-crime. Therefore, to avoid such instances, being proactive is the solution. Advanced case management with inbuilt security strengthens your firm’s data safety and acts as a protective shield against cyber threats.

Effective Workflow and improved performance:

As per Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor 2019 the report, demands, rates, lawyers’ growth, and everything increased, but productivity decreased in all size firms. Learning that it is high time to focus on the productivity bar too. An effective case management system can help in simplifying tedious processes and workflow for better productivity at work. It reduces manual efforts and automates repetitive tasks.

Quick Data Access:

The larger the data, the more difficult it gets to look for relevant insights in time. When using the proper case management platform, you can access all your data in one go and visualize any desired key indicators to a custom dashboard. With inbuilt reporting and analysis, case managers can view billable hours, working trends, and much more case-related information in a few clicks on the custom dashboard.

Firm-Wide Transparency:

The capability to perform and manage from one central location is above all productivity benefits, managing tasks, workflow, communication, monitoring, etc. Such solutions can make client communication and case management more transparent for the entire firm.

Here, we talked about four significant benefits of having an effective Legal Case Management system. Now, let us jump on to the fundamental features of an ideal Legal Case Management system.

Legal Document Management:

Law firms deal with tons of documents daily. It can be contracts, case files, client statements, and thousands of documents. Therefore, one thing that is essential in a legal management system is a document management capability. It allows users to store, manage, and track documents from a centralized repository. Document access control, auto- versioning, custom rule-based workspace, and e-signature are some of the common benefits of having dynamic legal document management.

Client Relationship Management:

Nowadays, it is all about client experience and satisfaction. Law firms stay in constant touch with their clients. Therefore, having a smart client relationship system in place would be very useful for any law firm. Ticketing would be another great process to look up in a Legal Case Management software as both serves the same purpose. Keeping communication track, maintaining records, auto-reminders and alerts, email Integration, custom dashboard, task automation are very relevant features for having a successful Case Management system.

Matter and Job Management Workflow:

If one has to create matter workspace repeatedly, it would be sheer loss of time and effort. When handling multiple clients and cases, a system with matter management capability is the must. It allows users to create workflows to automate the simple and repetitive tasks popping up every time while creating a new matter. Set rules for the first time and allow it to apply automatically to every new matter created.

Billing and Time Management:

Case management is incomplete without an inbuilt time tracker and invoicing feature. When a lawyer works on clients’ case or matter, having it tracked on the same platform along with billable hours is a massive benefit for a firm. Records auto-saving, time-sheet, and invoicing capabilities are a few more add-ons to expect from an ideal Case Management System.

Resource Management:

Resource management allows users to manage resources along with detailed tracking. Resource allocation, task assignment, performance reports, and calendar can be managed and tracked using a single platform with real-time updates. Get a 360-degree view on a resource performance, analyze recordings, and make informed decisions to make the process more productive and efficient for the firm.

Time to Wrap-Up..

Managing an entire law firm through a combination of spreadsheets, file folders, manual follow-ups, and siloed tools is inefficient, expensive, and exposes your firm to threats like security breaches. Having it all in one platform will ease up the life of your lawyers. No matter how big or small the firm is, using a centralized platform with the capabilities mentioned above will simplify your process, allowing you to save both: Money and Time.