Analytics – Multidimensional Insights with Predictive Coding (TAR)

Given the expanding amount of data in today’s technology-rich environment, in areas such as litigation, electronic discovery and enterprise Information Governance/Compliance, a robust analytics solution can rip and sort through huge amounts of data – to quickly organize and surface the most important information and gain better understanding of the nature and content of enterprise data and large litigation data sets.

Out highly advanced analytics solutions help enterprises move beyond scattered silos of information and haphazard organizational and compliance processes. It helps litigators efficiently determine the nature and content of data “early on” – for planning and budget purposes, and to better evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the case.

Provides critical intelligence expediting decision making

  • Our analytics solution – eZAnalytics – is the engine behind the entire data analysis powering Knovos’ solutions.

  • It expedites mining of critical information from terabytes of data, providing for comprehensive multidimensional analysis of data content.

  • eDiscovery analytics provides crucial intelligence and multidimensional insights that can help in litigation through various types of analytics like email analytics, entity analytics, domain analytics and much more.

Predictive Coding Saves Review Costs

  • Offering both supervised and unsupervised machine learning tools, eZAnalytics engine is a complete TAR solution for data analysis.

  • Automated Document Profiling (ADP), Knovos’ predictive coding technology, provides a convenient, intuitive workflow to automatically code, qualify, prioritize or quality assess a review data set based on supervised learning methodologies.

  • This predictive coding technology helps expedite document review and significant costs.

eZAnalytics engine can perform data analysis on a micro or macro level, over the entire enterprise network of an organization and at any stage of the eDiscovery lifecycle – to expedite and provide actionable insight for critical decision making.


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