Remaining efficient and relevant in a fast-moving digital world is a constant struggle for all enterprises. Not only do businesses have to improve their processes to keep up with an ever-increasing amount of data, but they also need a deep understanding of their data to evolve operations and continue to grow.

Multidimensional analytics provides enterprises with big-picture, holistic views of both their core content and metadata. With multidimensional analytics, enterprises can easily visualize complex relationships within their data to identify key patterns and trends. These critical insights enable enterprises to make informed decisions, employ efficiencies, and establish new business value.

Multidimensional analytics, Knovos’ in-house analytics engine, provides deep content intelligence, empowering enterprises with the insight necessary to improve countless business operations, including legal information management. Its easy-to-understand data visualizations and ability to connect key people, phrases, and organizations enable users to obtain quick insight into their data. Our technology also boasts both supervised and unsupervised machine-learning methodologies, enabling case teams to prioritize, categorize, or qualify documents for discovery purposes in a number of ways. Advanced analytics features, including Technology Assisted Review (TAR), e-mail threading, thematic clustering, and PII/PHI identification, provide dynamic analysis of the core data set, allowing case teams to create optimal case strategies and budgets, and drastically accelerate the eDiscovery process.

When leveraged within an enterprise, Multidimensional analytics provides information by which decision makers can evaluate and manage organizational operations and strategies, data policies, and compliance monitoring.  multidimensional analytics can be applied on a micro or macro level, over the entire enterprise network of an organization, and at any stage of the eDiscovery lifecycle, empowering faster and more effective decisions on critical issues.