Arbicomm for Arbitration Management

What makes a real difference when it comes to efficiency in Arbitration Project Management?

A virtual case room for all your Arbitration Communications.

Learn how Knovos helped a multinational law firm with their Arbitration communication process involving dispersed parties across the globe including third parties such as experts and external counsel.

“Arbicomm lets me access, edit & share my case documents on the go. No more oversized attachments & email bounce backs. It enabled us to go for paperless production!”

17 years of legal industry experience transformed into a State-of-the-art technology


  • Easy and swift navigational interface
  • Intuitive workflow with dashboard reporting
  • Easily upload, download and share documents in any format.


  • Real time Q&A collaboration
  • Checklist feature for filing documents
  • Seperate space for internal and external stakeholders
  • Quickly add/remove new users and monitor their progress


  • Granular permission and access control
  • Password protected link sharing
  • Comprehensive user audit
  • Email notification configuration to inform about various activities

Arbicomm is a specialized solution designed for simplifying arbitration communication

Arbicomm is also designed in line with various Arbitration Institutions' guidelines along with best productive features for professionals to work on the move.

Real time editing in browser along with MS Office plugin, which helps you upload straight from your system into

Secure way of sharing documents with restricted permission and two factor authentication.

Easily prepare exhibits, trial bundles, and stamp documents.

Is Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) the ‘new normal’ in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

Sid Jiwnani

Solicitor and Arbitration Technology Specialist, Knovos

Sid Jiwnani writes a compelling blog post on ADR’s new normal. He shares the current and future trends of Arbitration Industry and also recommends the use of advanced technology to increase efficiency, reduce expenses, and optimise service to clients.

The world is transforming at a fast pace, so the business of law must also evolve. 2020 has provided a clear mandate for all of us to discover these ‘new-age’ innovative solutions and hence prepare for the ‘new normal’ in alternative dispute resolution.

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