For more than 19 years, Knovos has been an industry-leading developer of innovative eDiscovery and Information Governance solutions. A partnership with Knovos ensures consistency, flexibility, and reliability — helping you streamline workflows, optimize productivity, save money, and gain a competitive advantage.

Partner Program

Knovos is committed to ensuring trusted and profitable relationships. We view our Partner Program as a strategic channel to provide our customers the richest user experience — and we recognize and reward our most committed and qualified partners.

Knovos offers several levels of partner engagement and business models. We invite you to choose the relationship that best suits your needs:

  • Technology Partner

Knovos offers our industry-leading software to innovative technology firms to bundle or embed with their own proven technologies and bring their unique subject matter expertise to market. We provide a full suite of products and services on flexible terms for our partners to design, develop, and build applications and integrated solutions in a cost-effective manner.

  • Consulting Partner/ Advisory Partner

Knovos partners with leading consulting and advisory firms to provide solutions and services covering a host of engagements, including information management, data governance, cybersecurity, litigation preparedness, eDiscovery, and digital investigations. We offer comprehensive and holistic platforms covering the full data life cycle — from corporate data management and Legal Holds, to eDiscovery processing and hosting, through working file collaboration and archiving.

  • Service Partner (Litigation Support) / Reseller Partner

As a thought leader in the industry, Knovos has gained expertise over the past 19 years meeting the challenges associated with managing large amounts of complex legal information for top, global law firms and corporations. Knovos’s full-service, comprehensive solution and integrated modules are available to our litigation support partners and resellers through on- and off-premise licensing options, as well as Knovos’s fully managed services.

Among a host of benefits, our partnership programs provide:

  • Dedicated resources to help better engage your customers
  • Training and knowledge transfer to ensure you are equipped to present and deploy our technology solutions
  • Technical support tools and assistance to provide the right level of post-sale support


All of Knovos’ product solutions are available for on- and off-premise licensing, as well as through our fully managed services:

  • On-premise Licensing

For firms, corporations, and service providers that prefer to manage their legal information operations in-house and have their own dedicated resources and IT support, Knovos’s on-premise technology installation is the perfect solution.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

More and more law firms and corporations are moving to the IaaS model for more efficient use of resources and eliminating the hassle of hardware procurement, upgrades, maintenance, and security-related spending.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

The perfect solution for organizations that wish to use shared hardware and resources to manage their legal information requirements, the Knovos Cloud eliminates investment of resources in hardware, internal IT, maintenance, and related data security needs.