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Chat Data Review – Adding context to modern eDiscovery

Discovery is a complex world where the number of innovative new data types continues to grow every year. The use of collaboration platforms in business is one of the most recent trends to impact the eDiscovery community. A survey by Wakefield Research confirms that hybrid, flexible work models are here to stay. Similarly, in a survey conducted by Slack's Future Forum, they found that email is (...)

Revolutionize your eDiscovery practice with AI-powered Image Analytics

In this technology-driven world, the use of mobile phones (for everything really!) continues to skyrocket and it is not limited to our personal life only but due to the global pandemic where workplaces became virtual (or hybrid), usage of mobile phones for business working also increased significantly. Checking emails, virtual meeting via Zoom or GoToMeeting, reviewing or editing business docume(...)

How law firms dealt with the pandemic? and lessons for the future!

Any businesses associated with the practice of law are often perceived as old-fashioned or change-resistant. Still, law practitioners (senior management, attorneys, litigation support specialists, and paralegals) presented outstanding adaptability, welcoming remote work culture. Not only in terms of technology adoption, but law firms also moved to a new mindset of working, that few of us had eve(...)

How does “Case Strategy” impact data collection in e-Discovery?

Data Collection – the first step in an eDiscovery project is usually underrated by the end-to-end managing team. The reason for this is because the data collection piece is often considered to be an “IT team only” task. However, we believe the time has now come for the core discovery people and lawyers to look into the collection process more keenly, because… a stitch in time, saves nin(...)

CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act): An expansion to CCPA

It’s not even a decade or half, but just 15 months back, the Californian Government enforced a data protection regulation named CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). With a pleasant surprise (might be a dismal surprise for organizations!), another Act was announced recently named CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act). Data Privacy Peers see the new regulation as an extension to CCPA, or you (...)
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