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Blockchain a Hot Topic at ILTACON 2018

Industry awareness of blockchain technology has been on the rise in recent years, with the eDiscovery sector the latest to recognize its powerful implications beyond just Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. As underscored by the four sessions dedicated to discussion of blockchain at the International Legal

How do Financial Services Companies Stop Overlooking Emerging Risk Factors?

As your enterprise scales its data volume, you need an information governance system to comply with new regulations that secure data integrity.

Financial institutions are in a landscape where economic and technological factors may expose previously non-encountered risks. A risk and compliance solution identifies and mi

Big Data, Information Governance and Smart Cities

All over the world cities are rapidly transforming into smart cities to meet the demands of a global economy. Automating services enhance our quality of life while business standards improve the quality of service.

A smart city harnesses the power of big data accumulated from service providers, Internet of Things devic

The Role of eDiscovery in Higher Education

Information is very vital nowadays and it is extremely important to safeguard it. Any kind of information breach or data theft from any institution of authority can have catastrophic effects in terms of lawsuits and reputation damage. Institutions of higher education enroll tens of thousands of students every year and they submit various kind

The Role of Data Governance in the Era of the Smart Grid

This is an era of smart devices, smart technology and smart cities. With technological innovations touching and drastically changing our daily lives, there is a paradigm shift in how technology is changing many things around us. The legacy system of electricity distribution and generation is undergoing drastic change with

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