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How Do Financial Services Companies Stop Overlooking Emerging Risk Factors?

Published On : December 5, 2017
Financial services compliance

As your enterprise scales its data volume, you need an information governance system to comply with new regulations that secure data integrity.

Financial institutions are in a landscape where economic and technological factors may expose previously non-encountered risks. A risk and compliance solution identifies and mitigates emerging risks so your business can thrive safely.

Financial services hold sensitive information like the monetary assets of enterprises and individuals. Industry leaders must seek information governance solutions that ensure financial service risk management. Storing and transferring data within compliance rules increases business value while staving off privacy threats.

Large enterprises need to examine the nature of the information to be secured, as well as its volume. An information governance platform that is scalable captures the entire data set, analyzes content, and defensibly deletes what’s irrelevant.

Financial industries across the globe are under the major impact of business risks like financial crimes and regulatory compliance. Consider, for example, Equifax. In the Equifax breach, millions of consumers faced identity theft and other monetary fraud. To avoid risks that may emerge from large-scale data generation, you should adopt the information governance solution that best adapts to your enterprise data.

A fully implemented governance system turns unstructured data into meaningful information that reduces storage cost and optimizes business performance for increased efficiency. Work on a risk strategy from the initial stage of the project life cycle so that you comply with financial services compliance and defensibly manage your data.


Kirit Palsana
Kirit Palsana, Director (India), with his two decades of leadership expertise, management skills, and in-depth knowledge of the continually evolving legal technology market and technology innovation, helps Knovos evolve. He defines the company's strategic direction, global portfolio offerings, and successful execution to achieve the company vision. Kirit brings strategic insights to drive the transformation for clients with technology innovation.