ICC Revised Rules 2021, focuses on greater efficiency...

Law firms and the legal industry in general have not been immune to COVID-19. They have had to bring significant technological change into their businesses. International Chamber of Commerce, popularly known as ICC, has recently revised its 'Rules of Arbitration' after the COVID-19 pandemic upended the 'normal course of business' globally. The need for flexibility, better efficiency and fast track awards, demanded these revisions as mentioned by the ICC Court President. “The amendments to the (...)
ICC Arbitration rules 2021 Blog

Is Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) the ‘new normal’...

Covid is impacting almost every industry, including legal. The law has traditionally been a conventional and ‘old-school business’ but the pandemic triggered a series of unlikely changes in the way legal services are provided. The world came to a halt, so did the courts and other dispute resolution institutions, but gradually we found our stride, settled into our new “WFH” culture and welcomed in new technology. In fact, in its latest guidance, the In (...)
Alternative Dispute Resolution in New Normal