Develop In-house Contract Remediation Action Plan in line...

Business transactions are rapidly approaching pre-pandemic levels, which is welcome news. However, corporations operating in EU countries are bound to comply with Schrems II – a significant verdict issued by the court of Justice of the European Union (EU), which governs the transfer personal information of EU citizens to Non-EU countries The court ordered compliance deadline is December 27, 2022, for Schrems II compliance. Quick Overview of Schrems II - Invalidated EU-US data privacy shiel (...)
Contract Remediation Action Plan for Schrems II Compliant

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Transforms Contract Management Practices

AI is the new normal for any business these days. Managing tons of documents generated in a fraction of second is no more a manual job. Almost every business software is now using AI technology to automate the process and identify actionable insights from it. Contract management is no exception to this. According to a report presented by KPMG, inefficient contracting causes companies to lose up to 40% of the value on a given deal based on their handling circumstances. On the other hand, AI contr (...)
AI transforms contract management practices

ABC of Contract Management

Contracts are the most commonly heard word in the world of business. No matter how big or small your company is, you must have encountered contracts at some point. It is the basic need for any two businesses or partners to collaborate and work in mutual consent. In addition, contracts are very crucial for a company to maintain harmony with their partners or vendors in times of trouble or misunderstanding. Every contract has multiple clauses defining actions and protocols to be followed during th (...)
ABC of contract Management Blog Post