Is Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) the ‘new normal’...

Covid is impacting almost every industry, including legal. The law has traditionally been a conventional and ‘old-school business’ but the pandemic triggered a series of unlikely changes in the way legal services are provided. The world came to a halt, so did the courts and other dispute resolution institutions, but gradually we found our stride, settled into our new “WFH” culture and welcomed in new technology. In fact, in its latest guidance, the In (...)
Alternative Dispute Resolution in New Normal

Experts Weigh In on the ‘New Normal’ of...

As part of our series discussing current challenges posed by the pandemic, we continue to speak with industry experts across a range of specialties related to managing electronic information and gather their insights. In addition, these individuals have also provided some projections regarding their expectations of the “New Normal”, as travel restrictions are eased and office are re-opened across America. Being a life-long resident of the New York Metro area, having lived only in two States (...)
New Normal of Working - Joe Bartolo

Experts Weigh In on the ‘New Normal’ of...

With health and safety top of mind for most these days, concerns related to work seem less vital. To help organizations effectively function, technology is essential now more than ever. I recently spoke with several subject matter experts about their thoughts on the anticipated return to a sense of normalcy in the workplace. As a follow-up to last week’s blog post, here are some additional quotes from experts in the field. It’s evident from these expert remarks that all industry professiona (...)
New Normal of Working Part 2 Website

Experts Weigh in on the ‘New Normal’ of...

In these uncertain times, where health concerns are our most pressing challenge, there still must remain a focus on business-related concerns. Travel restrictions caused by the health crisis are affecting the performance of a business, with remote technologies required at a level never previously anticipated. While these technologies support the ability of many of us to work and collaborate remotely, legal departments, law firms, and government agencies must ensure continued compliance with rec (...)

Tech Talk: Legal Risk Management and Legaltech

At 39 years and still going strong, Legaltech has earned its rightful reputation as the industry’s largest and most important annual event — bringing together esteemed exhibitors and speakers to showcase and discuss the latest innovations and trends in legal technology. This year, Knovos employees from around the world convened at the New York Hilton Midtown to staff our booth, offer detailed product demos, host pre-booked meetings, and answer attendees’ questions. We also spent a lot of (...)

The Three C’s of Legal Practice Transformation

A technology-based approach to future-proofing your legal department Legal departments are always looking for ways to limit risk for their organizations. When a legal department itself is not prepared for changes in economic or regulatory circumstances, it could be courting real disaster. Members of the general counsel’s team who fail to implement effective compliance, collaboration, and case management technologies and procedures are insufficiently prepared to reduce organizational risk. (...)

Reflections on ILTACON 2019

Another year, another ILTACON. That makes 11 of the past 15 that I have been lucky enough to attend. It was a well-attended conference this year, record-breaking in fact, and I congratulate the organizers for an event marked by deeper peer-to-peer engagement than previous years. There are two questions I kept finding myself asking this year’s attendees: Why are you at ILTACON? What problem are you trying to solve? Why are you at ILTACON? (...)