Develop In-house Contract Remediation Action Plan in line...

Business transactions are rapidly approaching pre-pandemic levels, which is welcome news. However, corporations operating in EU countries are bound to comply with Schrems II – a significant verdict issued by the court of Justice of the European Union (EU), which governs the transfer personal information of EU citizens to Non-EU countries The court ordered compliance deadline is December 27, 2022, for Schrems II compliance. Quick Overview of Schrems II - Invalidated EU-US data privacy shiel (...)
Contract Remediation Action Plan for Schrems II Compliant

CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act): An expansion to...

It’s not even a decade or half, but just 15 months back, the Californian Government enforced a data protection regulation named CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). With a pleasant surprise (might be a dismal surprise for organizations!), another Act was announced recently named CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act). Data Privacy Peers see the new regulation as an extension to CCPA, or you can say it CCPA 2.0. CPRA will come into the force from 1st January 2023, so businesses have enough ti (...)
CPRA California Privacy Rights Act - An expansion to CCPA