Knovos provides top corporations around the world with the time-tested solutions needed to mine and manage the wealth of information generated during the normal course of business while ensuring security and compliance, enhancing insights, and saving costs.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

How corporations manage all of their data assets — from e-mails and instant messages to digital files and social media content — is essential to their bottom line. Business professionals demand the ability to effectively collect, classify, and analyze this information in a way that ensures regulatory compliance while minimizing risk and potential liability.

nayaEdge from Knovos is an advanced, adaptable information governance solution that enables the automated consolidation and management of critical enterprise data for Governance, Compliance, Litigation Readiness, and GDPR response.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Prudent business practices demand greater control of confidential information often involving sensitive industries and sectors. Disclosure, delays, or other errors in managing corporate documents and communications can result in significant consequences such as fines or sanctions, civil or criminal liability, and loss of reputation or business.

Cryptacomm from Knovos is a highly secure and scalable collaboration space for sensitive corporate matters — consolidating enterprise documents and communication into a single repository that enables real-time access, editing, tracking, and auditing in a controlled/permission-based environment.


Data Capture and Collection

At the start of any litigation, there is an urgency to collect all potentially relevant information quickly and efficiently. The relevance, locations, complexity, and amount...

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Compliance Monitoring

Organizations rely on technology to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, with businesses seeking to implement rules-based solutions to automate otherwise labor-intensive tasks. Rules...

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Data Processing

After attorneys determine which electronically stored information (ESI) they want to capture and collect, they have to begin processing it for review. However, the exponential...

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