With its headquarters located near Washington, DC, Knovos has had the opportunity to work with government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels to address many of the core governance and litigation technology issues facing the public sector.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Government agencies handle vast amounts of sensitive electronic information — from e-mails and instant messages to digital files and social media content. Public-sector litigation professionals demand the ability to effectively collect, classify, and analyze all of this data in a way that ensures regulatory compliance while minimizing risk and potential liability.

nayaEdge from Knovos is an advanced, adaptable information governance solution that helps reduce the time and expense of data management with “smart” archiving, file analysis, and automated business rules for such activities as the identification, preservation, and collection of documents related to litigation or Freedom of Information Act requests.

End-to-end eDiscovery

As with private-sector litigation professionals, those working for government agencies also require electronic discovery solutions that provide an easy, seamless experience, as well as enable multidimensional analysis and the streamlined processing, review, and production of both government and third-party data.

eZReview from Knovos is a powerful, scalable, and analytics-driven suite of integrated modules administrated through a single platform to meet all of your eDiscovery needs, including data processing/culling, Early Case Assessment, and TAR-enabled review and production.

Project Management with Process Improvement

Faced with the expectation of delivering consistently fast, effective, and timely service, public-sector litigation professionals are challenged to streamline communications, work more efficiently, and continually improve internal processes.

eZManage from Knovos is an adept and adaptable project management and business intelligence solution that delivers advanced and intuitive task automation, robust reporting capabilities, extensive communication features, and a deep knowledge repository.

File Sharing and Collaboration

The protection of sensitive and confidential information is critical in the public sector, and those involved in geographically dispersed transactional practices and other legal services need a secure repository in which to collaborate and edit documents.

Cryptacomm from Knovos is a highly secure and scalable collaboration solution for confidential transactions — consolidating a large amount of documents and communication into a single repository that enables real-time access, editing, tracking, and auditing in a controlled/permission-based fashion.

Performance-based Budgeting

Every government agency is tasked with and expected to implement thorough and precise strategic planning and performance budgeting/reporting for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Cascade from Knovos, a comprehensive performance planning, budgeting, and management solution designed specifically for government use, generates long-term strategic plans that are results-oriented. It also generates annual performance plans showing the measurable levels of service that each program plans to accomplish, as well as performance reporting and analytics that enable agencies to manage for results.


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