For more than 19 years, Knovos has been providing the world’s leading law firms with cutting-edge technology solutions for a full range of operational needs — from information governance and eDiscovery to project management and collaboration.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Vast amounts of sensitive and regulated data are generated in the normal course of legal practice, as is information that might be relevant to ongoing or anticipated litigation. Legal information professionals demand the ability to effectively collect, classify, and analyze all of this data in a way that ensures regulatory compliance while minimizing risk and potential liability.

nayaEdge from Knovos is your go-to solution for streamlining data management — enabling the automated consolidation and management of critical enterprise data for Governance, Compliance, Litigation Readiness, and GDPR response.

End-to-end eDiscovery

From internal litigation support departments to litigation attorneys and eDiscovery practice leaders, all of those involved in the electronic discovery process requires a simple, flexible, and intuitive solution capable of quickly and smartly processing, reviewing, and analyzing data.

eZReview from Knovos is a powerful, scalable, and analytics-driven suite of integrated modules administrated through a single platform to meet all of your eDiscovery needs, including data processing/culling, Early Case Assessment, and TAR-enabled review and production.

Project Management with Process Improvement

Faced with the expectation of delivering consistently fast, effective, and timely service, litigation professionals appreciate the benefit of streamlining project-related activities, information, and communications, as well as enhancing the capabilities and internal processes of their project teams.

eZManage from Knovos is an adept and adaptable project management and business intelligence solution that delivers advanced and intuitive task automation, robust reporting capabilities, extensive communication features, and a deep knowledge repository.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Partners and law firms involved in geographically dispersed transactional practices, arbitrations, or other sensitive legal services want a streamlined, secure, and scalable way of communicating and sharing files that improve efficiency while enabling greater control of their data.

Cryptacomm from Knovos is a highly secure solution for confidential transactions, yet makes it easy for relevant parties to share, edit, and track progress on documents and tasks related to due diligence, contract negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, and other key business activities.

Arbicomm, Knovos’ arbitration management solution, creates a one-stop shop for editing, managing, and sharing documents and communications, while also managing metadata and enabling detailed auditing, review, and tracking.


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