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Inefficient contracting causes firms to lose between 5% to 40% of value on a given deal, depending on circumstance.

Switch to an AI-powered platform for frictionless experience from start to end.

Safeguard your contract management process against Compliance Failure, Missed Deadlines, Lack of Access Control, Poor Reporting, and Compromised Approval Workflow.
Contract management solution

An Enterprise Collaboration Platform Built for Ease in Contract Management

It is a tedious job for the team of any size to organize, manage, and update contracts. It becomes more laborious,
once you lose uniformity across the sheer number of contracts.

Corporates are evolving for the new normal, and the work environment is becoming more remote. In this situation,
an agile approach should be in place for managing contracts that foster informed decision-making. 

Secure Repository

'Single source of truth' for all your contracts. Facilitate an IRM (Information Rights Management) enabled secure repository with the best encryption technology and two-factor authentication.

Quick Contract Analysis

Analyze the contract related information like Agreement, Date, Parties involved, Cost, Partnership Terms, Contract Type, Rights, and more in a few clicks.

Renewal Alert

The system reminds you well before the contract renewal date. Set alerts and never miss a single deadline.

Workflow Automation

Don’t play around in silos when it comes to contract approval. The system can automate the entire approval workflow. It drives workplace innovation and boosts productivity.

Advanced Search

AI-powered search automatically finds the clauses and offers a quick search across any number of contracts. The system performs an extensive search that is next to impossible manually.

In-browser Editing

The reviewer doesn't need to download a file in order to make corrections. System supports word, excel, PowerPoint files and allows real-time editing from the console itself. You can tag the documents & leave comments too.

Redaction & Highlights

A foremost important feature for a contract approver. Highlight the clause that requires the special attention of the reviewer. You can redact privilege content whenever required.


Go entirely paperless. Configure e-Signature of signing authority and speed up the contract approval workflow.

Dynamic Dashboard

Gain full control and visibility over all contract data. Create a customized dashboard as per your needs and references. It helps in tracking the progress of live contracts.

Key Benefits

Save staff hours

Do better negotiation

Maintain consistent terminology

Close contracts faster

Mitigate compliance risk

Prevent misuse of contract data

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