7th INTERPOL DFEG Meeting – 2022

Venue National Forensic Sciences University - Gandhinagar

Always Be Ahead of The Game

We are technology innovators with modern solutions to effectively investigate and manage digital data and uncover hidden facts. Knovos is one of the pioneers in data discovery. We successfully serve some of the major Investigation Agencies, Law Firms, Fortune 100 Corporations, and Prestigious Government organizations across the globe. Our Technologies are homegrown and backed by our 20+ years of experience and learning. Our solutions are pragmatic, interoperable, and robust.

  • AI Powered Classification
  • Sophisticated Knowledge Repository
  • Comprehensive Investigation
  • Intuitive and Scalable Data Management
  • Information Risk Mitigation
  • Secured Information Collaboration
  • Smart Data Archival
  • Dynamic Reporting and Auditing
  • Incident Response Tracking & Management
  • Big Data Governance
  • Case & Project Management

Knovos Investigation Solutions

Get hands-on information real quick with our investigation solution. Our solution is highly scalable and comprehensive in terms of data volume and type. Specifically designed to meet the digital forensics investigation needs with modern features to process, analyze, review, and produce information. Knovos solution is an ideal digital investigation partner for forensics investigators.

  • Analyze Chat Communication Data
  • Perform Multiple Data Analytics
  • Run Advanced Searches
  • Track and trace suspicious data for various entities
  • Restrict Unauthorized Access
  • Multiple Data Types Support
  • Image Analytics
  • Custom Dashboard for Bird's eye View
  • Process 150+ Languages
  • Heterogeneous Data Processing
  • Identify Personal Identifiable Information in One Go
  • Maintain Confidentiality throughout the investigation

Meet our Team

We are honored to see you during the event. We believe in relations more than anything. Don’t hesitate to connect with us.

Kirit Palsana
Kirit Palsana
Ravi Thakor
Sr. Project Manager
Nitesh Maherchandani
Nitesh Maherchandani
Manager, Professional Services
Biju Christian
Biju Christian
Sr. Project Manager
Sibi Pillai
Business Development Manager
Shanavas Sahib
Shanavas Sahib
Sr. Project Manager