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Banking Communication Management

Due to an increasingly competitive and dynamic platform, the Banks and their financial industries face a lot of communication challenges. Knovos’ online document collaboration platform can offer more effective and secure communication.


Collaborative Document Management

As the banks work in multiple branches spread across different geographical locations, the structured document collaboration system offers a dynamic and robust way of collaborating on different projects by sharing, accessing, and organizing different project critical documents.


Legal Case Management

When litigation hits banks, it becomes necessary for the banks to follow the investigatory process. Knovos can offer a legal case management system to manage the relevant documents and ensure speedy execution of the case at low costs.


Arbitration Management

To decrease complexity of banking dispute resolution, Knovos possesses a one stop shop for managing, editing and sharing all the arbitration related information with other panel in a central repository.


Asset Management

Our robust collaboration solution offers exceptional information organization capabilities to comprehensively automate the entire asset management lifecycle phases like identification, maintenance, contract management etc.


Fraud Investigation

Our robust document review platform allows you to review the content with greater precision with structured workflow approach ensuring detailed fraud investigation. Robust content analytics helps gain insightful view into data.


Planning, Budgeting and Performance Monitoring

Knovos’ fully integrated planning, budgeting and performance management solution is a system that can link the programs and goals of banks with outcome based budgeting.

We’re easing information management since 2002..

Knovos is a leading solution innovator developing technologies to solve today’s legal information management challenges. An industry pioneers since our founding in 2002, Knovos has a successful track record of delivering robust, secure, and cost-effective solutions to law firms, corporations, government agencies, and partners around the world. We have our global presence throughout the US, EU, and Asia.

Data Collection Data Collection
Knovos Discovery

Knovos Discovery's comprehensive eDiscovery product offering, is the result of years of experience, systematic development, and an innovative approach to achieving operational excellence in managing the entire eDiscovery process – from processing to production.

Data Collection Data Collection
Knovos GRC

Knovos GRC is a complete Information Governance, Risk, and Compliance solution that automates enterprise data management, litigation, and compliance monitoring.

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Knovos Manage

Knovos Manage is a highly customizable project management solution that delivers continuous process improvement.

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Knovos Rooms

Knovos Rooms is a virtual data room and collaboration tool that provides document management and knowledge sharing tools through centralized deal room interfaces.

Data Collection Data Collection
Knovos Arbitrate

Knovos Arbitrate is a robust and highly effective arbitration management tool that enables different teams to store all related information and documents in a central repository.

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Knovos Cascade

Knovos Cascade, a Performance-Based Budgeting Software™ is an innovative solution that supports a comprehensive approach to Performance Management by integrating Strategic Planning, Performance Budgeting, and Performance Reporting.

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In the world of increasing exposure to data and the associated risks for businesses, it is inevitable that organizations address it by gathering information in a proactive manner handling the unseen risks at present. Knovos since its inception has been pioneering in handling the eDiscovery and litigation support to mitigate potential threats. May it be Internal Investigations or Fraud Management; eDiscovery is commonly used term in investigations or litigations where Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is involved.

Knovos with its cutting edge technologies has been providing solutions in managing the Information Governance, eDiscovery needs along with Collaborative Documentation Management and Legal Case Management.

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