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We know that protecting your data and reputation is paramount. As the digital world evolves, so make the threats to your business. That’s why we’ve developed pioneering cyberbullying-proof solutions with our homegrown technologies to help our clients stay one step ahead of cyber-attacks, data breaches, and privacy violations.


Investigation and Digital Forensics

Knovos provides a scalable and comprehensive digital investigation solution for cybersecurity and data forensics. The solution tracks suspicious data, restricts unauthorized access, and maintains confidentiality throughout the investigation process. Knovos solution is an ideal digital investigation partner for forensics investigators looking to improve their investigation efficiency and maintain the highest security and data privacy level.

  • Analyze Chat Communication Data
  • Perform Multiple Data Analytics
  • Run Advanced Searches
  • Track and trace suspicious data for various entities
  • Restrict Unauthorized Access
  • Multiple Data Types Support
  • Image Analytics
  • Custom Dashboard for Bird’s eye View
  • Process 150+ Languages
  • Heterogeneous Data Processing
  • Identify Personal Identifiable Information in One Go
  • Maintain Confidentiality throughout the investigation

GRC (Governance, Risk, And Compliance)

Stay ahead of the curve with our best-in-class information governance solutions. Empower your big organization to archive data, perform analytics, and comply with regulatory compliances. Our solution includes pre-discovery data analysis, smart archiving, and legal hold management, all with high-end security and defensibility.

  • Pre-Discovery data analysis
  • Rule-based “Smart” Archiving
  • Automate Culling
  • Exclusive Searching
  • Pattern and Trend Analysis
  • Legal Holds Management
  • Secure Content Collaboration for All custodians
  • Comprehensive Retention Policies controls
  • Defensible Audit Logs
  • Complete control and visibility over enterprise data

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We understand that no two businesses are the same, and we have the expertise to customize our solutions to fit your specific needs.

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Meet our Team

At our booth, you’ll meet our team of information security experts, who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. We’ll walk you through our comprehensive offerings, including our industry-leading data privacy and information governance solutions.

Kirit Palsana
Kirit Palsana
Sibi Pillai
Business Development Manager
Kishan Shingala
Manager, Customer Success Group

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