Pharma IPR-2020

Venue Taj Santacruz, Mumbai (India)

Spice up your IP practice with Knovos Technology!

See our team in Mumbai at Pharma IPR Conference to discover how technology can transform the IP practices tremendously. Maximize the potential of data by embracing FAIR data principles.

What FAIR data principles are and how does it matter?

Embrace Knovos technologies to gain ‘Power Over Data’. Yes, we help pharma organization implementing FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data principles that truly advance the digital transformation, resulting in increased operational efficiency, cutting-down the R&D cost, and reducing time to market.
  • A single unified platform consisting of all data and their meta data is essential for making data 'Findable'. It fosters data-driven decision making for pharma organization
  • Ensuring how data can and can’t be used is very crucial for you especially in pharma world. Granular level rights make data ‘Accessible’ to the right person only
  • If a PII is redacted, it must be reflected real-time across all the application. Technology with countless connectors can bang on it to make the data 'Interoperable'
  • Re-use of existing data is essential for pharma. Smart archival & version control enabled collaboration system must be in place for making data 'Reusable'.

We help you with

  • Legal hold preservation and management
  • Legal hold notification
  • Case or matter management
  • Information governance
  • End-to-end eDiscovery
  • Document collaboration system
  • Advanced record-level search system
  • Arbitration management
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Meet our Team

Talk to our experts for your challenges and get to know about the best possible solution for your organization and processes.

Kirit Palsana
Kirit Palsana
Ravi Thakor
Sr. Project Manager
Biju Christian
Biju Christian
Sr. Project Manager