Pharma IPR 2022

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Technology makes the practice perfect!

We have been complementing IP practices with our in-house built technology solutions since 2002.

Our key areas of expertise


Regulatory Information Management System

A purpose built solution specially designed for highly regulated industries (i.e. Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, and Finance).

The solution drives digital transformation and ensures regulatory compliance at every step. It is quite helpful for sharing ANDA/DMF/FDA documents securely.

  • E-signature Management
  • Versioning Control
  • Automate notification for due dates
  • Approval workflow management
  • Task Management
  • Audit management
  • Dossier Management
  • Laboratory Notebooks management

Data Discovery & Review

Our AI-powered eDiscovery solution empowers legal teams or IP leaders to execute data discovery & review in the event of ANDA, HATCH WAXMAN or other litigation or investigation.

The solution delivers an end-to-end experience from data processing to review to production. The solution is backed by Knovos two decades of experience and expertise in assisting complex eDiscovery.

  • Chat Data Discovery
  • Redaction Assistance or Auto Redaction
  • AI Review (Technology-Assisted Review)
  • Automated Batch Assignments
  • Custom Workflows
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Multidimensional Analytics
  • Advanced Searching

Data Governance/Discovery Readiness

Information Governance solution strengthens businesses to become future-ready proactively.

We empower big pharma organizations with our best-in-class technology to smartly archive their data, perform analytics, symmetrical storage, and comply with all regulatory compliances.

  • Pre-Discovery data analysis
  • Rule-based “Smart” Archiving
  • Automate Culling
  • Exclusive Searching
  • Pattern and Trend Analysis
  • Legal Holds Management
  • Centralized Storage for All custodians
  • Comprehensive Retention Policies controls
  • Automate Purging
  • High-end Security & Defensibility

Meet our Team

Kirit Palsana
Kirit Palsana
Ravi Thakor
Sr. Project Manager
Nitesh Maherchandani
Nitesh Maherchandani
Manager, Professional Services
Ajay Yadav
Sr. Project Manager
Shanavas Sahib
Shanavas Sahib
Sr. Project Manager
Biju Christian
Biju Christian
Sr. Project Manager