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Identify, Assess, and Mitigate IP Risks with Knovos Technology Solutions
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Knovos – Your Companion in IP Risk Mitigation Journey!

We have been enabling Pharmaceuticals of all sizes to safeguard IP information, modernize processes with AI-powered technologies, and ultimately mitigate legal and privacy risks associated with Intellectual property (IP) and IPR.

Complement your IP Practice with Knovos’ AI Assist

Businesses have already started adopting various Generative AI tools in daily business. Modern IP practitioners become early adopters instead of staying in “wait and watch.”

The best part of Knovos AI Assist is that it follows RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) technique. It neither learns from outside sources nor discloses your susceptible IP information to outsiders. The AI model gets trained from your sources and provides insights to your team exclusively. In other words, you are the owner of your own AI work product.

  • Simplify interaction with your IP data
  • Generate human-like summaries and responses to your queries
  • Helps to draft inclusive emails and other documents
  • Facilitates quick information retrieval for investigation or regulatory responses
  • On-premise database integration
  • IT Audit-compliant


Regulatory Information Management System (RIMS)

We have extensive experience addressing information management challenges for highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals. Our RIMS (Regulatory Information Management System) simplifies product submissions, streamlines procedural activities, and ensures regulatory compliance all the way around.

Key offerings include document management, deposition management, regulatory mandates, and secure sharing of ANDA/DMF/FDA documents within and outside the organization.

  • e-Signature with Approval Workflow
  • Version Control
  • EFSS (Enterprise File Share & Sync.)
  • Automate reminders
  • Grievance Redressal – Pharmacovigilance
  • Task Management
  • Audit management
  • Dossier Management

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eDiscovery Solutions for IP Risk Mitigation

Whether it’s patent litigation, IP infringement, or data subject requests from regulatory agencies, our AI-powered eDiscovery solution delivers an end-to-end experience from data collection and processing to review and production. We offer flexible deployment and predictable pricing for all of our software solutions.

  • Chat Data Discovery
  • Redaction Assistance
  • AI Review (Technology Assisted Review)
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Automated Batch Assignments
  • Custom Workflows
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • PII Analytics
  • Image Analytics
  • Advanced Searching

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Information Governance for Proactive IP Risk Mitigation

Stay ahead of the curve with our best-in-class information governance solutions. Our solution helps pharmaceuticals archive data, perform pre-discovery data analysis, manage legal holds with data preservation, and comply with regulatory requirements.

  • Pre-discovery data analysis
  • Rule-based “Smart” data archiving
  • Automate Culling
  • Exclusive Searching
  • Pattern and Trend Analysis
  • Centralized Storage for All custodians
  • Comprehensive Retention Policies controls
  • Automate Purging
  • High-end Security & Defensibility

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Legal Ops Management

Modernize your legal operations by systemizing workflows with our process management solutions. Our AI-powered technology solutions automate monotonous tasks and create harmony between people, processes, and priorities.

  • Legal Projects and Process Management
  • Conflict Checks Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Legal Holds Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Arbitration Management
  • e-Billing & Spend Management
  • Complaints Management
  • M&A Virtual Deal Room (VDR)

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Take your IP Management to the next level!

IP (Intellectual Property) is the lifeblood of today’s businesses. Fine-tune your people, processes, and technologies for implementing zero-tolerance IP data management and risk mitigation strategies.

Discover an action plan for protecting IP data

Meet our Team

Meet our team at the 13th Annual Pharma IPR India Conference in Mumbai to discuss real-life IP management scenarios and explore how Knovos solutions can add value to your IP practice.

Nitesh Maherchandani
Nitesh Maherchandani Manager, Professional Services
Ravi Thakor
Ravi Thakor Sr. Project Manager
Biju Christian
Biju Christian Sr. Project Manager
Parth Joshi
Parth Joshi Sr. Project Manager

Amazing Facts about Knovos

  • In the age of cloud, we are open to "on-premise" and "Hybrid" deployment options
  • We've a dedicated academy portal for user training & product certification
  • We've a flexible engagement plan (Subscription – Pay as you grow)

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