P.O.D. Summit

Venue Regenta RPJ Rajkot, Everest Park, Kalawad Road ,Rajkot (India)

Knovos kicks off P.O.D. Summit from Rajkot!!!
A one of its kind initiative to help industries gain Power Over Data

It was an amazing evening at Regenta RPJ, Rajkot when prominent names of Rajkot’s industrial empire took their seats for P.O.D Summit.


Knovos CEO, Dharmesh Shingala, opened the summit by delivering inaugural speech via video conference. It was a matter of prestige for him to connect with people of his native land. “It is our giving back to society kind of initiative to empower the industry people for coming days of data-driven industry” Dharmesh stated.

The event was thronged by several eminent personalities starting from CEO’s to IT heads. Jayesh Khamar, Director SAR, Knovos, gave a brilliant presentation on “Think Big but Think Data Before!” which shed some light on the path that Rajkotians can embark on. He delivered a conceptual presentation which changed few set perceptions pertaining to data. He also explained the need of data-first mindset for overcoming future challenges for manufacturing industry. Pankaj Patel, Owner of Orbit Bearings, shared his own efforts for digitizing the business and the values he derived which was received well by everyone present at the summit.

Jayesh also presented few real-life scenarios regarding information collaboration challenges where technology can help to close the gap and minimize the friction. Along with it, he also uncovered the three step strategy that organizations can begin with.

The presentation was followed by Q n A session which was headed by Knovos Director Mr Kirit Palsana and Jayesh Khamar. People asked a range of questions from flexibility of technology to the role of training for changing the way people interact with data within the organization. They shared the classic case of technology adoption by Uttarakhand Government and how Knovos tackled the training and implementation part for CM Dashboard.

The event started at 6:00 PM evening and concluded at 8:30 PM and was followed by a Gala dinner.

In all it was a wonderful evening and Knovos salutes the spirit of Rajkotians who made the entire event worth its wait.


What is P.O.D SUMMIT?

Knovos Power Over Data SUMMIT (P.O.D Summit) is a first of its kind conference conceptualized by the thought leaders of Knovos to empower organizations in India and around the globe and help them gain total control over their data.

The core mission that drives this initiative is to instill its audience with the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed and thrive in an ever-evolving technological world.

The P.O.D community consists of solutions experts who have hands-on experience resolving complex data challenges for some of the world’s biggest organizations such as Hitachi, World Bank, Reliance, Cipla, Exxon Mobil, BP, and more…


Who is it for?

P.O.D conference is the golden opportunity for Tech-savvy & inspiring to be Tech-savvy business luminaries.

Rajkot’s Manufacturing Industry Leaders, Owners, Government Officers, Association Presidents, IT Heads & Innovators & others who have a vision to fulfill  their dreams and advance further in their endeavors.


Why should you come?

At P.O.D Conference, you will get a fair picture about the trends and technologies impacting manufacturing businesses and at what extent can we accelerate the work efficiency within our organizations.

You will foresee the future data needs and technology to leverage data to support decision-making.

About Knovos

Knovos is a leader in global software market for its technology innovation in the field of eDiscovery (electronic discovery), Information Governance, Project Management and other legal technology solutions. Since 2002, company is serving law firms, Government agencies and corporates for their litigation, GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance), and legal project management requirements.

We aim to tackle the next generation data challenges and offer a technology solution that gives you a peace of mind!

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Kirit Palsana