Tokyo Summit 2023

Venue Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

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Cross-border litigations and investigations often involve discovery requests. The diversified nature of organizational data, volume, and location makes the process challenging. Precision in the translation of documents is also imperative when it comes to processing multilingual ESI. Risks associated with data privacy regulations (GDPR, CPRA, Japan’s APPI), IP, or trade secret confidentiality couldn’t be overlooked.

Here, Law firms’ partners or In-house counsel can count on Knovos technologies that support your strategy and help you deliver the most expected outcomes.


Holistic eDiscovery (Data Discovery)

Respond to data discovery requests with confidence and confidentiality. Knovos Discovery – an end-to-end solution (from data processing, ECA, review to Production) offers smart solutions for a pragmatic eDiscovery experience.

  • “Japanese” language support for local reviewers
  • Built-in Machine Translation Technology for automatic translation
  • Customizable redactions and annotations
  • Chat data support (MS Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS, Snapchat)

Proactive Data Governance

Litigation, Investigation, and DSAR couldn’t be stopped nor controlled; what organizations can do is; develop a proactive sense of information management. Knovos GRC solutions help you respond promptly & achieve regulatory readiness.

  • Gain complete control and visibility over enterprise data
  • PII identification and management
  • Classification of structured and unstructured data
  • Compliance Readiness (GDPR, CPRA, APPI)

Secured Collaboration

Legal cases involve sensitive information about customers’ trade secrets, IPs, or financial transactions. Don’t take a chance while collaborating or exchanging it with fellow team members or external parties. Knovos rooms – a single source of truth for all case-related documents & collaboration

  • View, Edit, and Share documents securely
  • Granular access permission mechanism with 2FA
  • Comprehensive Audit trails & logs report
  • Approval Workflow management with version control
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Why Knovos?

  • Office and ground staff in Japan since 2007
  • Two decades’ experience serving law firms, corporations, and Government
  • Knovos platforms support “Japanese” language
  • Flexible pricing and deployment options

Meet our Team

Come experience the power of our legal risk management solutions. Our expert team will be on hand to show you how our solutions can add value to your practice.

Dharmesh Shingala
Connor Morgan
Director, Customer Success Group
Kotone Shintomi
Kotone Shintomi
Project Manager