Hello friends,
This is the time of the year to celebrate the holidays and welcome the new year. We had a very unprecedented time and painful 2020. With the help and resilience of so many, we have made it to the best and ready for welcoming the new year. I wish all of you the best of the holidays and the new year. And at the same time making the Knovos 2020 as one of the stepping stone and one of the very successful year. Thanks for everything. Be safe, take care. Bye!!

Dharmesh B. Shingala
Co-founder & CEO

I wanna take the time to thank you for being a valued customer and your trust in us.
We know that this year was not easy but we prove it together. Our team continued support you and years ahead. This year most of us have been celebrating holidays and bringing a new year a little differently than we have been used to.
Have a wonderful and safe holiday season with your loved and dear ones. Happy New Year. Cheers!!!!

Gita Shingala
Founder & Chairman

What a challenging year we have shared and pass through. I wish all of you a great prosperous new year ahead with most strength and courage. Let’s together make 2021 remarkable and achieve all your goals. Wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Kirit Palsana

Dear Friends,
What a weird and wonderful 2020 we’ve had. Thankfully we have come to the end of the year and we are all still smiling. Thank you for your continuing support and we look forward to a great 2021. These circumstances have drawn the need of good data governance and to sharp focus. & we have evolved to challenge together. Happy Holidays from the whole Knovos London Team

Sid Jiwnani
Director, Europe

From us at Knovos – to you and yours – we hope this holiday season brings a bit of cheer to the end of your year!

Connor Morgan
Senior Manager, Customer Success Group

Hi This is Bruce Kudeviz from Knovos.
Wishing you a very happy holiday and prosperous new year. Thank you for your continued support.

Bruce Kudeviz
Financial Controller

Usher in the festivals with us,
send your wishes to Knovos

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