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Discover how technology helps IP practitioners addressing the key challenges and issues in patent litigation, and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

At present, managing multiple litigation and information pertaining to the matters is a major concern for IP departments and agencies as well. In the coming days, the volume of data as well as its preservation is going to cross boundaries, and classification and management will become more challenging.

Where does our technology excel

Legal hold preservation
and management

Legal hold

Case or matter



Document collaboration

Advanced record-level
search system


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Dharmesh Shingala


Driven by personal ambition to develop outstanding technological solutions for corporate and government clients, Dharmesh Shingala co-founded Knovos with Gita Shingala in 2002. Prior to Knovos, Dharmesh spent more than a decade developing and applying efficient and cost-effective solutions for various clients; in 1994, he founded GDS systems, the parent software company of Knovos, which primarily worked with the U.S. Government.

At Knovos, Dharmesh has harnessed all of his innovative energy and foresight into developing unparalleled electronic discovery and information governance solutions, and delivering them to law firms, federal agencies, and corporate IT managers. Dharmesh received his Bachelor of Technology in Production Engineering & Management from the National Institute of Technology in Kozhikode, India. He went on to receive a Master of Science in Computer Science & Applications from Virginia Tech University.

Kirit Palsana

Kirit Palsana


With more than two decades of leadership expertise, management skills, and in-depth knowledge of the constantly evolving technology market Kirit is nurturing the company’s operations.

He defines the strategic direction of the company, global portfolio offerings, and drives the successful execution to achieve the company’s vision.

With his strong proven record of executing business turnarounds and business expanding capabilities, he has been successfully enabling rapid client adoption.

Mr. Palsana has been instrumental in setting up the company’s capabilities to new heights.

He is an alumnus of NIT, Surat and University of Pune.

About us
We're easing information challenges since 2002..

Knovos is a global technology and innovation company headquartered in Washington, D.C., the United Status. The company was founded in the year 2002, with a vision to change the way people interacts with data. Since its inception, the company has empowered leading law firms, corporations, and government agencies to solve their data challenges, improve efficiencies, and enhance security.

Knovos has 1800+ enterprise-level clients along with 12000+ active users of their products worldwide. Company offers End-to-end eDiscovery, Information Governance, Legal Project Management, Virtual Data Room, and Arbitration Management solutions. Backed by unparalleled engineering and domain expertise, each product is competitive in an ever-evolving technological world i.e. they are highly secure, fast, flexible, and reliable.

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