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Some of the common use cases where our solutions excel


A Pharmaceutical is considered to be one of the most regulated industries. Every activity and file exchange must be tracked and performed in a controlled environment.

  • Drug data discovery
  • Research data archival & retrieval
  • Data privacy policy enforcement and secured collaboration
  • Cross-departmental document approval workflow automation
  • GDPR Readiness
Accounting/Consulting or Advisory firms
Accounting/Consulting or Advisory firms

Global advisory or consulting firms are always keen to adopt technologies that can eliminate silos and optimize performance, but at the same time, they are concerned with change management. All our solutions are highly customizable and easy to adopt with minimum change management.

  • Secured collaboration that meets regulatory and client requirements
  • Virtual data room for M&A
  • Ticketing Solution to increase accountability and customer satisfaction
  • Fully customizable Project Management solution
Banking or Financial Services
Banking or Financial Services

Accountability and transparency are the must-have requirements for any Bank. Ensure financial data security and customers’ records with best-in-class information management solutions that follow advanced security parameters and defensible audit trails.

  • Records Management or Archival
  • Approval workflow automation with eSignature
  • A searchable repository of all your data (including scanned copies)
  • Secured file sharing with granular permission control and IRM

Insurance companies are in tough competition with their fellow players. By increasing the productivity of back office operations, insurance companies are striving to reduce operational costs. With Knovos solutions, insurance companies of any size can drive workplace innovation and minimize the friction within team members or departments.

  • Claim Management
  • Contract Management with AI-powered contract analytics
  • Data Discovery for investigation, litigation, or DSAR requests

The manufacturing unit needs to be updated with the latest machinery or tools to pace up with demands. It is equally important to upgrade your information management practice with time. A Process-driven approach to managing trade secrets, blueprints, and drawings is worth considering. There should be a mechanism to know who is accessing what and why.

  • Safeguard confidential business documents with a secured collaboration solution
  • Vendor Management
  • Document approval workflow automation for product design and QC team
Forensic Science and Investigation
Forensic Science and Investigation

Forensic Science and Investigation agencies have been addressing white-collar crimes involving digital technology or communication. That’s why agencies must develop in-house capabilities to process voluminous data and extract potential evidence or insights. Knovos solutions assist you in processing, analyzing, and reviewing data.

  • Holistic Data Discovery (processing, ECA, review, production)
  • AI-powered data analytics (i.e., image analytics, PII, Email analytics, etc.)
  • Document Review with advanced search capability
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  • Predictable Pricing

    Predictable Pricing

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  • Flexible Deployment

    Flexible Deployment

    Choose On-premise, Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud deployment options that fit your needs

  • Hassle-free Onboarding

    Hassle-free Onboarding

    Our team helps you with data migration, user training, and product certification process

  • White-labeling


    We offer a complete white-labeling solution that enables you to set your logo and theme

  • 24*7 Customer Support

    24*7 Customer Support

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