Gita D. Shingala
Founder & Chairman 

Gita Shingala founded Knovos (Previously known as Capital Novus) in 2002 as a Women and Minority Owned Enterprise. As a core member of Knovos’ Steering Committee, Gita oversees global management functions, and provides leadership to help execute the company’s vision. Gita received her Bachelor of Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering. Before launching Knovos, she served the New York Port Authority and the United States Patent & Trademark Office. In addition to her leadership responsibilities at Knovos, Gita dedicates her time to support non-profit organizations engaged in education and community service.

Dharmesh B. Shingala
Co-founder & CEO 

Driven by personal ambition to develop outstanding technological solutions for corporate and government clients, Dharmesh Shingala co-founded Knovos with Gita Shingala in 2002. Prior to Knovos, Dharmesh spent more than a decade developing and applying efficient and cost-effective solutions for various clients; in 1994, he founded GDS systems, the parent software company of Knovos, which primarily worked with the U.S. Government. At Knovos, Dharmesh has harnessed all of his innovative energy and foresight into developing unparalleled electronic discovery and information governance solutions, and delivering them to law firms, federal agencies, and corporate IT managers. Dharmesh received his Bachelor of Technology in Production Engineering & Management from the National Institute of Technology in Kozhikode, India. He went on to receive a Master of Science in Computer Science & Applications from Virginia Tech University.