Take control of your legal hold process

Enterprise-grade legal hold management solution delivers end-to-end experience to Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments.

Legal Hold – A Proactive Approach to Your Legal Obligation

Do not worry about manual, time consuming, and error-prone litigation hold processes anymore, Knovos Legal Hold solution reduces the risk and cost remarkably. Say Goodbye to the days where managing Legal Hold used to be a hectic and risky job. We offer intuitive and efficient legal hold management experience specially designed for law firms and corporate legal departments.


To execute legal hold seamlessly, there should a process in place for data preservation. Ensure complete control over all enterprise information and preventing reliance on employee management and potential mishandling of data.

Issue Legal Hold

Issuing legal hold is easier than ever with our solution. You can quickly identify the right custodian from any number of matters. Built-in email templates deliver a smooth and consistent experience to custodians and counsels too.

Auto Follow-up and Escalation

Get rid of manual follow-ups and reminders. Automate all the repetitive tasks and save staff productivity for more priority stuff. You can also escalate the request to custodian's superiors.

Centralized Question Bank

Ready to use Templates and Questionnaires. You can create custom templates based on the matter and custodians roles.

Monitoring Dashboard

Track the entire journey from ‘Hold to Completion’. Gain full visibility and control over the legal hold irrespective of number of ongoing matters and complexity around them.

Easy Integration

Integrate the legal hold management solution with matter management or eDiscovery platform. It can also be synced with active directory for hassle-free user management.

Key Benefits

Reduce staff timings up to 70%

Slash the e-Discovery costs by optimizing the ESI volume

Limit the outside counsel bill

Compliance readiness

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