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Knovos Unveils Chat Data Discovery Feature in Knovos Discovery

March 28, 2022
Chat Data Discovery

A leading legal technology company Knovos introduced ‘chat data support’ in the latest release of its eDiscovery solution eZReview (Version 22.64.0).

Knovos, a leading technology company, released the latest version of its flagship eDiscovery technology, ‘Knovos Discovery’. In the release, the company introduced chat or Instant Messaging (IM) data discovery support for eDiscovery.

With this recent addition, Knovos Discovery has the capability to process data collected from Microsoft Teams and Slack applications. Once processed, Attorneys can begin review from the same platform.

Knovos engineers have developed an IM Viewer that delivers a similar experience for reviewers to custodians’ native chat applications. Reviewers can easily get the context of conversations with its new support for non-text reactions like emojis, reactions, and replies and access related content like embedded images, documents, and links. In the IM Viewer, all participants are auto-identified and filterable alongside a dynamic timeline graph that helps attorneys visualize start/end dates and spikes in daily conversation activity.

With its advanced search feature, Attorneys can perform quick searches with keywords or specific terms to locate the information they needLike other documents on a review platform, the chat data files can also be tagged and moved for production from the Knovos Discovery platform.

Redaction and Inverse redaction can be applied to chat data before exporting files to production. Eventually, production will be performed as per the court or agency standards.

Microsoft Teams and Salesforce’s Slack are well-established modes of business communication. We aim to keep our customers ahead of the curve by launching this chat data discovery feature as we see this becoming a standard part of litigation reviews. Apart from litigation, this feature will aid our customers’ internal investigation and compliance efforts.” Says Connor Morgan- Senior Manager, Customer Success Group at Knovos.

eDiscovery has evolved with time, and chat data discovery has become the need of the hour. It might contain potential evidence regarding the case or matter. Thus, one can’t treat chat data as typical email communication data because non-text reactions, replies, the timing of the conversation determine the custodian’s involvement in the matter.

When announcing its latest update Dharmesh Shingala – CEO, Knovos said, “Like other Knovos products, Knovos Discovery is available on flexible pricing and deployment options. Law firms or enterprises of any size can adopt it. We offer standard licensing and pay-as-you-go model along with cloud, hybrid or on-premises deployment options flexibility.