Pharma IPR Survey Report!

Data produces from the day-to-day activities by human and machines are simply beyond the imagination. At enterprise level, management has to be aware about integrity of personal information of your employees, vendors and clients. It isn’t only to comply regulatory requirements but to save your organization from Data breach incidents.

Know how industry deals with data

50% of the organizations do not have data governance policy in place.

41% of the organizations do not have audit trail (accessed by whom, when, where?) available for any document.

56% of the organizations are using a secured platform to share documents externally, instead of email.

35% of the organizations who have data governance policy are capable of identifying custodians clearly.

80% of the organizations do not have a set legal hold process for the data that they collect, process, and produce.

30% of the organizations are using local machines for storing personal information.

R & D Headache!

Organizations are striving to gauge the importance of information. We have received a diversified opinion upon a question about what to retain and what to destroy.

75% of the organizations have the mechanism to control the access of digital information.

50% of the organizations are still away from an information disposal mechanism.

62% respondents said they don’t know how frequently their organizations review data protection policy.

40% of the organizations don’t have a mechanism to prove authenticity of data.

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