In legal and other sensitive business matters, it is not advisable to use unsecured means of communication, particularly for transactions involving confidential documents that could jeopardize compliance or compromise security. Cryptacomm is an enterprise collaboration platform that provides document management and knowledge sharing solution for organization of any size.

This highly secure solution facilitates easy communication among relevant parties, enabling users to internally discuss, share, edit, assign, and track progress on documents and tasks. And granular permission controls limit the access of outside parties to the information they need to know as necessary.

Cryptacomm’s intuitive folder structure and enhanced reporting helps administrator tracking document edits, and user activity. By efficiently consolidating and managing the documents, information, and parties involved in any transaction, Cryptacomm helps save time and cost and increase effectiveness.


Information Rights Management

IRM (Information Rights Management) equipped permission mechanism enables you to control document access as well as limits the actions such as editing, sharing, or printing even after documents had been downloaded on a local device. IRM encrypts the downloaded files and defines the set of users and programs allowed to decrypt these files.


Dynamic Dashboard

Cryptacomm has a dynamic dashboard that offers a multidimensional view of all the documents and their status in real-time. Multiple users can access a single dashboard reflecting real-time updates simultaneously. Also, users can configure their dashboards based on their preferences and needs. For every shared room, the user can create a separate dedicated dashboard to view collaborated data accordingly.


Contract Analysis

Contracts are one of the most important documents for any business; they contain sensitive information about business deals between two parties or companies. Secure storage isn't sufficient while managing these contracts; it requires thorough analysis to stay updated with renewal dates, critical clauses, and similar other information. Cryptacomm's ML-based 'Model Training' capability fueled by 'Suggested Clause' delivers intelligent 'Data-to-Contract' analysis that makes contract management a simple and easy task.

Contract  Templates and Clause Library

Create, edit, and update contracts using the templates library to maintain the language, compliance, and industry standards consistent in all the contract categories. The built-in 'Design Contract Template' functionality helps create the customizable templates for unique  business needs. It automates the drafting by simply picking from the reusable drafts library and adding that into the contract. It saves time and helps to keep the focus on business activities.


e- Signature

e-Signature or Electronic Signature automates the approval process. It cut costs on paper and supports the 'New Normal' work culture allowing enterprises to go entirely digital. e-Signature speeds up the document process workflow and strengthens security. This feature makes Cryptacomm a complete enterprise data collaboration platform as it embraces the entire life cycle of a document. Nowadays, e-Signatures are legally accepted in most countries.

Effective Collaboration

Cryptacomm allows multiple users to upload, share, and edit a large number of documents in one centralized repository, as well as facilitates easy sharing with those lacking repository access. Its intuitive folder structure enables easy navigation, while full-text searching and real-time editing capabilities improve efficiency and productivity. By maintaining both original and subsequent versions of a document, Cryptacomm also increases transparency and ensures integrity.

Data Security

In today’s digital era, none of the companies can afford documents being stolen or fall into the wrong hands. Cryptacomm’s highly secure architecture employs the latest encryption algorithms, ensuring the safe sharing of information from dispersed geographic locations. Two-factor authentication and IP restrictions provide an added layer of security protection.


Enhanced Document Management

Cryptacomm’s comprehensive workflow enables users to check-in and checkout documents, send documents for approval, and track pending documents, as well as receive alerts when a task is assigned or when a document is required for review or approval. Cryptacomm also allows users to assign and prioritize tasks and create custom closing checklists. Built-in Q&A, and e-mail modules enable further clarification and consolidation of communication.

Robust Reporting

Cryptacomm enables administrators to obtain detailed, customizable reports on user activity, access, audits, document checklists, and a wide variety of other business-process related insights. In addition, administrators can configure alerts to receive notifications, further ensuring comprehensive project oversight, optimizing resources, and facilitating well-informed decisions.


  • Latest Encryption Methodologies and Two-factor Authentication
  • Straightforward Data Room and Folder Structure
  • Secure Sharing with Internal and External Parties
  • Ability to Maintain Integrity of Document Versions
  • Document Approval Request
  • Task Management
  • Email Integration
  • Q&A and Comments
  • Customizable Workflows
  • Customized Checklists
  • Document Lifecycle Tracking
  • Advanced Searching Capabilities
  • Compare Nuanced Differences Between Documents
  • Real-time, In-browser editing
  • Document Tagging and Categorization
  • Version Control and Management
  • Document Activity Reports
  • Auditable User Tracking
  • Granular Permission for Access and Functionalities
  • Customizable Alerts and Events Notification
  • Project Checklist and Reporting
  • Quick Access to Most-viewed Documents
  • Workflow and Upload Status Reports