Your All-in-one eDiscovery Solution

eZReview, Knovos’ holistic eDiscovery platform, provides a centrally managed environment with feature-rich, integrated modules for truly comprehensive eDiscovery. Our simple and intuitive dashboard enables enhanced customization and oversight, while advanced security features ensure robust protection of confidential data.

Designed for use in investigations, subpoenas, and discovery requests, eZReview is the result of years of experience, systematic development, and an innovative approach to litigation life cycle management.

eZReview’s integrated modules enable insightful early case assessment, powerf­ul processing and production, and sophisticated document review and analysis. eZReview is powered by Knovos’ advanced analytics engine, which enables multidimensional data analysis and technology-assisted review (TAR).

End-to-end eDiscovery

Early Case Assessment

eZReview enables legal teams to significantly reduce data volume, conduct exploratory analysis, and devise strategy early in a case. The built-in knowledge repository stores documents and work product for access and use in new cases with similar data subsets.

Processing and Production

eZReview provides maximum control over the processing and production of electronically stored information (ESI) – supporting the ingestion of hundreds of file types. The platform also boasts comprehensive language support and a full range of culling techniques.

Document Review and Analysis

eZReview provides a powerful blend of automated workflows, comprehensive analytics, and advanced search technology – empowering case teams to accurately and efficiently review countless documents with confidence and success.


Simplicity and Automation

A flexible, template-based, fully automated approach standardizes data processing, early case assessment, document review, analysis, and production


TAR 2.0

TAR (Technology Assisted Review) 2 can quickly go through data sets and develop an algorithm to review the rest of the data sets based on the initial expert-reviewed data set learning. With TAR 2.0, numerous review sessions with successive document addition enabling higher accuracy and efficiency.

Robust Ingestion

Capable of ingesting hundreds of file types, including structured and unstructured data sets, as well as handling previously processed or produced data sets

Data Reduction and Insights

Cull and identify the most relevant data both prior to and during processing, with ECA functionalities that provide meaningful insights

Reporting and Case Management

Reports generated by eZReview provide detailed information from inventory to production, while the system also enables a complete chain of custody

Data Analysis and Visualization

Provides multidimensional data and content analysis in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, enabling strategic document analysis, prioritization, and identification

Multi-matter Knowledge Repository

eZReview’s built-in knowledge repository stores documents and associated work product involved in previous cases for use in future matters, as well as enables trend analysis

Comprehensive Automation

Automated batch assignments, workflows, and reporting allow administrators to easily set up, manage, and track project progress

Advanced Customization

Intelligent document groupings, extensive multilingual support, and tailored review enhancement options promote optimal and efficient document review

Multidimensional Analytics

Built-in machine learning technology and predictive coding capabilities reveal connections that accelerate data analysis, culling, and quality control. Knovos’ analytics are content Analytics, email threading analytics, PII analytics, Image Analytics, Key- phrase Analytics, Fuse Analytics, and communication Analytics

Oversight and Quality Control

Powerful quality control mechanisms, intricate auditing, and robust reporting provide transparency over both reviewers and documents

Chat Data Discovery

Processes IM (Instant Messaging) data collected from Microsoft Teams and Slack applications. eZReview's IM Viewer delivers a similar experience to custodians' native applications. It also supports non-text activities like emojis, reactions, replies, etc.

Key Features

  • Structured and unstructured data handling
  • Multilingual support (150+ languages)
  • Performance metrics analysis
  • Multi-pass exception handling
  • Data and process visualization
  • Supervised and unsupervised machine learning
  • Multidimensional analytics
  • Technology-assisted review (TAR)
  • Built-in quality controls
  • Comprehensive auditing
  • In-depth, customizable, and automated reporting
  • Status and progress monitoring interface
  • Rapid case workspace setup
  • Granular security matrix
  • Single administrative dashboard
  • Configurable alerts and notifications