“Knovos’ legal review technology is cutting-edge, but what really makes it special is that even the most tech-averse attorneys are able to use it without any training.”

– President, Legal Services Provider

eZReview ensures faster, information-driven decision making based on solid, intelligent data analysis.

eZReview provides multidimensional metadata and content analysis in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Our solution facilitates exploration and a better understanding of collected data, as well as defensible reductions of the amount of data promoted for review.

In multiple matters arising out of the same set of documents, eZReview also acts as a knowledge repository. It coordinates multiple review cases, de-duplicates across entire data sets, and identifies duplicates or near-duplicates that have already been reviewed.

Key Features

  • Deep and rapid data analysis
  • Multidimensional content analysis
  • Instant data visualization
  • Robust reporting
  • Rapid search across terabytes of data
  • Advanced filtering
  • Pre-categorization of key documents
  • Leveraging of early work product for subsequent review
  • Identification and escalation of key documents
  • Critical information for meet and confers
  • Reduction of data volumes
  • Prioritization of discovery project activities
  • Budget and resource management
  • One location for documents across multiple cases
  • Consistent coding decisions
  • Enhanced efficiency and uniformity
  • Central storage of millions of eDiscovery documents

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