"Easy to use and very intuitive. Even non-tech people find the tool easy to use. Searching and setting up documents for review is easy."

– Project Manager, International Law Firm

eZReview’s flexible and automated features and advanced reporting capabilities enhance the administration and effectiveness of document review.

eZReview ensures reliability, scalability, and the rapid review of documents — fully satisfying the diverse needs of today’s eDiscovery market. It also enables complex search query building for quick filtering based on metadata, tags, review workflows, full text, and more.

Our best-in-class review platform delivers a blend of content analytics, predictive coding, and search and review technology through a fast, easy-to-use, optimized interface. Continually enhanced in direct response to client feedback, eZReview has been employed by thousands of reviewers, administrators, and attorneys worldwide.

Key Features

  • A Single eDiscovery Platform
  • Multi-matter Knowledge Repository
  • Integrated Solution for Processing, ECA, Review, and Production
  • Data and Work-product Reusability
  • Informative dashboards
  • Technology-assisted review (TAR)
  • Email threading
  • Key phrase and entity analytics
  • PII/PHI identification
  • Near-duplicate detection
  • Communication mapping
  • Reviewer productivity and quality analysis
  • Review rules and coding requirements
  • Granular permission levels
  • Complete user and document audit trails
  • Classification rates
  • Complex search building
  • Geolocation access restrictions
  • One-click coding
  • Reviewer management
  • Related document groupings
  • Native Excel redactions
  • Automated tag propagation
  • Conflicting decisions resolution

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