eZProcess is a robust data processing and production module that empowers case teams both large and small to efficiently tackle huge volumes of electronically stored information (ESI). It is an extremely scalable, full-featured solution that seamlessly integrates with other modules of Knovos’ eZSuiteTM while also ingesting and producing load files for any review tool on the market.

eZProcess’ repeatable, template-based approach to data processing enables users to streamline their workflows through automation. And its rich user experience reduces the learning curve necessary to capture and standardize best practices for any team.

Powered by Knovos’ eZAnalyticsTM engine, eZProcess reduces turnaround time by automating the processing of the most complex, diverse, and voluminous data sets. Litigation professionals now have flexible and feature-rich control over how they process and produce ESI.


Simplicity & Automation

eZProcess employs a flexible, template-based approach that standardizes the processing and production of data, enabling organizations to quickly ingest huge volumes of ESI. The system architecture enables fully automated processing — enriching user experience while reducing the learning curve necessary to capture and standardize best practices.

Impactful Data Reduction & Insights

eZProcess’ robust tools and methodologies enable case managers to cull and identify the most relevant data both prior to and during processing. Its Early Case Assessment functionalities provide meaningful insights for culling, analysis, and investigation. The software also features interactive, visual dashboards that allow users to analyze data, glean actionable insights, and filter based on a wide variety of traditional and advanced methods.

Robust Ingestion

eZProcess has the ability to ingest hundreds of file types, including structured and unstructured data sets. In addition to processing raw data, it can easily handle previously processed or produced data sets. eZProcess also supports more than 150 languages — providing a powerful, comprehensive solution that enables organizations to confidently manage their global processing needs.

Comprehensive Reporting & Control

Reports generated by eZProcess provide both summary and detailed information on the entire process — from inventory to production — enabling users to analyze, interpret, and take control of their data. eZProcess also enables a complete chain of custody, helping users establish or maintain processes that are transparent, secure, and defensible. In addition, reporting tools and dashboards allow users to effectively monitor and manage their hardware resources.