eZReview is a time-proven and powerful document review platform delivering best-in-class performance. eZReview’s scalability enables legal teams to efficiently handle even the most complex cases, while its flexible and automated features and advanced reporting capabilities enhance the administration and effectiveness of document review.

As an integrated module of Knovos’ eZSuiteTM solution, eZReview ensures reliability, scalability, and the rapid review of documents — fully satisfying the diverse needs of today’s eDiscovery market. It also enables complex search query building for quick filtering based on metadata, tags, review workflows, full text, and more.

Powered by Knovos’ eZAnalyticsTM engine, eZReview delivers a blend of content analytics, predictive coding, and search and review technology through a fast, easy-to-use, optimized interface. Honed over time and in direct response to client feedback, eZReview is a robust, reliable solution employed by thousands of reviewers, administrators, and attorneys worldwide.


Comprehensive Automation & Customization

eZReview’s automated batch assignments, workflows, and reporting allow administrators to easily set up, manage, and track the progress of any review project, regardless of the case size. In addition, intelligent document groupings, extensive multilingual support, and tailored review enhancement options promote optimal and efficient document review.

Multidimensional Content Intelligence

Built-in throughout the review workspace, Knovos’ machine learning technology reveals connections that accelerate data analysis, culling, document review, and quality control — uncovering trends and helping deliver strategic advantages in overwhelming data sets. Technology-assisted review (TAR) provides various methodologies for case teams to prioritize, categorize, or qualify documents during the review process.

Effortless Oversight & Quality Control

eZReview’s powerful quality control mechanisms, intricate auditing, and robust reporting provide transparency over both reviewers and documents, empowering administrators with complete control of the entire review process. All actions across eZReview are also fully auditable, enabling a complete historical view of product created and administrative or operational actions executed.