eZVUE enables legal teams to significantly reduce the size of huge data volumes, assess risk, formulate robust case strategy, and effectively plan the pre-stages of discovery prior to embarking on full-out document review. eZVUE ensures faster, information-driven decision making based on solid, intelligent data analysis that can save significant downstream eDiscovery review costs.

As the Early Case Assessment (ECA) software in Knovos’ eZSuiteTM, eZVUE provides multidimensional metadata and content analysis in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It facilitates exploration and a better understanding of collected data, as well as defensible reductions of the amount of data promoted for review.

In multiple matters arising out of the same set of documents, eZVUE also acts as a knowledge repository. The ECA tool coordinates multiple review cases, de-duplicates across entire data sets, and identifies duplicates or near-duplicates that have already been reviewed to ensure consistent treatment. eZVUE seamlessly integrates with eZReview® (Knovos’ eZSuite review tool) or can export data to other review platforms.


Rapid Data Analysis & Visualization

eZVUE provides multidimensional data and content analysis in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, enabling teams to readily visualize and better understand collected information. By enabling users to strategically analyze, prioritize, and identify the most relevant documents, eZVUE critically reduces the number of documents needed to be pushed for review.

Robust Reporting & Case Management

Teams are constantly searching for the ability to better understand their collected data before entering the review process. eZVUE’s detailed reporting capabilities synthesize data, empowering users to identify documents of key importance, strategize next steps, and make more informed decisions. The software’s intuitive interface simplifies administrative functions, while budgetary and other reports enable users to make smart, data-driven business decisions.

Advanced Knowledge Repository

eZVUE’s built-in knowledge repository is the perfect solution for serial litigants. It stores documents and associated work product involved in previous cases for use in future matters, helping save critical time and money. In addition, eZVUE users benefit from a rapid learning curve to uncover important efficiencies — like coding uniformity — that drastically improve the value of work product for any number of matters arising out of the same data set. The knowledge repository also enables trend analysis that helps ensure consistency and further improve business practices.