Systematic Approach to Optimize Program Performance

Visualize real-time progress and make informed decision

A holistic performance management platform
for Government agencies
Knovos Cascade (formerly known as Cascade) – a fully-integrated performance management software that supports government agencies in implementing a comprehensive, effective Performance Management Framework. It helps outlining strategic goals, defining effective strategies, and fine-tuning support functions for achieving departmental objectives.

Knovos Cascade is built for:


Federal Government Agencies

with embedded guidance relating specifically to GPRA, OMB Circular A-11, GPRAMA, and President Obama’s management reforms.


Non-Federal Government Agencies

with guidance suitable for any government organization on how to develop useful performance goals and their execution strategies. This version also offers an optional Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) module that links directly to the Performance Budget.

John Mercer former mayor Sunnyvale, CA and internationally recognized expert of governmental strategic planning, performance budgeting and performance management, is a lead design architect for Knovos Cascade. View his full profile

The software includes an extensive set of expert, “how-to” guidance by Mercer with specific scenarios to assist managers and other employees.

Key Features

  • Performance-linked strategic planning module
  • Multi-year performance trend graph
  • Performance plan integration with Budget
  • Supports activity-based costing (ABC)
  • Link up goals with activities
  • Supporting documents uploading
  • Top-down or bottom-up approval mechanism
  • Cost-effectiveness calculator for goals
  • Personalized dashboard for stakeholders
  • Built-in templates and customizable tables
  • Real-time data visualization feature
  • Easy integration with existing system

See how this uniquely designed software can be of great value to
any organization - at any level of government, in any country


Implement outcome-oriented approach to functioning

Drive operational transparency and accountability throughout

Boost program efficiency and effectiveness

No need to buy ERP (enterprise resource planning) for performance management

Showcase level of service you provide to citizen

Make informed decision backed by real-time performance data

Introduce a data-driven approach to measure program performance
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