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Knovos Discovery (formerly known as eZReview) is a comprehensive legal discovery platform built for investigations, compliance, and eDiscovery requests. It empowers eDiscovery teams with the most potent solution to execute discovery effortlessly and efficiently. Our eDiscovery solution is based on the EDRM model that covers the entire eDiscovery cycle from collection to production. Knovos Discovery can also be used for niche-specific requirements. Thanks to its bespoke architecture developed by Knovos engineers in the last two decades with the help of our customers’ feedback.

Several Most Common Use Cases



eDiscovery is no longer tedious stuff with “Knovos Discovery”. You can manage everything from ESI processing to production load export under a single platform. Knovos Discovery works best with all eDiscovery cases, whether simple or most complex.

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Responding quickly (within 72 hours under GDPR) is imperative in cases of data breaches or DSAR requests raised by regulators. Knovos Discovery helps legal teams find the requested information out of terabytes of data in just a few minutes.

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Digital Investigation

Leverage Knovos Discovery’s extensive processing and document review capabilities for internal investigation in case of anti-trust or information leakage issues. Accelerate search for evidence with Knovos Discovery's AI and ML-backed features.

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Salient Features of Knovos Discovery that make a difference in every
eDiscovery stage:

Knovos Discovery has a processing capability full of great features to process any data type. Our processing engine comes with 150+ language support that allows cross-border eDiscovery cases to be performed with ease. Process large volumes of data structured or unstructured quickly with the desired efficiency.

  • Supporting Multiple Data Types
  • 150+ Languages Support
  • OCR, Imaging, Indexing & Numbering
  • Automated Multidimensional Reporting
  • Data Processing Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Audit Logs

Knovos Discovery’s exceptional ECA (Early Case Assessment) capabilities that allow eDiscovery professionals to reuse the work products and access previous case knowledge for future eDiscovery requests. It facilitates exploration and a better understanding of collected data, as well as defensible reductions of the amount of data promoted for review.

  • Advanced Searches
  • Preparing Binders
  • Multi-Matter Knowledge Repository
  • Centralized & Intuitive Interface
  • Multidimensional Metadata & Content Analysis
  • Remove Duplicates, Near-duplicates, and De-duplicates.

Knovos Discovery enables a flawless document review experience. Built-in TAR helps reviewers to perform reviews quickly. Knovos Discovery document review platform comes with work products and a Q&A section that empowers reviewers to share comments on documents based on their opinion.

  • Easy Tagging and Commenting
  • Native Excel Redaction, Reverse Redaction
  • Annotation Overlay (Highlighting)
  • Reviewer Management
  • User-friendly Interface
  • TAR (Technology Assisted Review)
  • Customizable Review Workflow
  • Advanced Search Builder (allows full-text, metadata, workflow, and tags-based data filtering)

Get quick access to the complete production cycle with all industry-standard specifications. Minimize the need for export-import between different solutions. Perform comprehensive validation and auditing to produce the final set of relevant files in the most presentable format.

  • Quick Load Export
  • Privliege Logs Creation
  • Redaction
  • OCR Support
  • Indexing with Numbering & Hyperlinking
  • Custom Formating (compatible with DOJ, Courts, and standards of other agencies)

Analytics is not just another part of the review, but it plays a vital role in each stage of eDiscovery. Knovos Discovery has multidimensional analytics capabilities that help you gain insights into discovery data. By maximizing the use of various analytics, you can make informed decisions.

  • PII/PHI Analytics
  • Fuse Analytics
  • AI-based Predictive Coding
  • Image Analytics
  • Automated Document Profiling (ADP)
  • Advanced Email Thread Analytics

What Our Client Say
About Knovos

Addressing eDiscovery challenges is our job and we’re committed to it.

Easy to use and very intuitive. Even non-tech people find the tool easy to use. Searching and setting up documents for review is easy.

Project Manager, International Law Firm
Pattern Pattern

Knovos Discovery Build for

Embrace truly end-to-end eDiscovery technology!

Could you overlook the client’s concern about slashing down the eDiscovery cost? Knovos Discovery enables law firms to manage eDiscovery processes and teams cost-effectively. Its unified nature reduces friction between tools. You can easily assign batches and track progress in real-time with Knovos Discovery's reviewer management console.

Did you know?
AI-powered Knovos Discovery was recognized by Financial Times when an international law firm saved 8300 manual review hours by leveraging its AI capabilities.

Case Study
An International Law Firm Accelerates the Litigati...
Case Study
Knovos Discovery Streamlined Document Classificati...
Unlock the true potential of your in-house legal team

Whether in-sourcing eDiscovery or improving response time during a data breach, DSAR, or investigation, Knovos Discovery can make a tremendous difference. Conducting an early case assessment on the requested ESI will help reduce eDiscovery spending significantly.

Knovos Discovery along with our Enterprise Data Governance, legal matter management, and legal holds management solutions, create a complete ecosystem to deliver valuable legal advice on time.

Case Study
Harness Knovos Discovery to Handle Multiple Matter...
Case Study
Controlling Litigation Data Using Early Case Asses...
Addressing data discovery challenges for investigation agencies and regulators

Rises in data volume and the diverse nature of data have increased the challenges for regulators and investigation agencies. They face data discovery challenges when producing soft evidence or required information in the trial room or responding to third-party's requests.

In order to perform data discovery with technophobic staff and legacy applications, Government agencies need a flexible and easy-to-use eDiscovery solution (i.e., Knovos Discovery).

Case Study
Advantages of Content Analytics to Identify Import...
Case Study
Knovos Discovery’s Automatic Workflows and Strin...
Create a win-win situation by adopting an affordable yet powerful eDiscovery platform

Focus on quality and speed when providing eDiscovery services to law firms and corporations. Knovos Discovery, with its holistic nature and easy-to-use interface, is getting much traction in ALSP (alternative legal service provider) community. Improve service delivery and client satisfaction (ultimately!) by partnering with Knovos.

Join hands with Knovos and stay ahead of the curve! Discuss pricing and deployment options with our team. Become a partner

Case Study
Knovos Discovery Made Review Process Quicker with ...
Case Study
Knovos Discovery’s Automatic Workflows and Strin...
Our best recipes for tackling eDiscovery challenges
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Nice-to-have Knovos capabilities that add feather to your eDiscovery success!

Legal Hold Management

Stop relying on spreadsheets and emails while managing legal hold enterprise-wide. Explore our legal hold management solutions.
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Data Capture & Collection

The way you capture data for eDiscovery will determine your success. Collect enterprise data from various sources and locations with Knovos technology.
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