About Knovos Academy

Knovos is a leading solution innovator developing technologies to solve today’s legal information management challenges. An industry pioneer since our founding in 2002, Knovos has a successful track record of delivering robust, secure, and cost-effective solutions to law firms, corporations, government agencies, and partners around the world. We currently have offices throughout the US, EU, and Asia.

Training Approach!

Our training program is simple, effective and comprehensive. Learn from basic to advanced one step at a time. Get through validation of your knowledge with 10 sec quizzes during each session.


Who should sign-up?

Who should sign-up?
Gain knowledge that deepens your industry understanding and Knovos capabilities. Anyone can enroll to widen their spectrum and gain confidence.
  • Our Employees

    Confidence comes up with Knowledge and Knowledge requires validation. We encourage employees to enroll in the courses.

  • Our Partners

    Whether you are a reseller or consulting partner, a thorough knowledge of Knovos products help you interacting with end customers.

  • Our Clients

    Leverage the true potential of Knovos products and use various courses offered by Knovos Academy to our clients

Daniel Knight
Academy courses are well-curated, keeping the end-user in mind. Video lessons, downloadable course materials, and quizzes are the perfect itineraries. I recommend Knovos academy for all employees, partners, and clients.
Daniel Knight
- Project Manager, Knovos

Let’s Learn Together!

Elevate your career with a distinguished certification from Knovos. Pick any preferred course or program to sharpen your knowledge. We offer a series of product role-based training and certification programs for each of our solutions, including user, administrator, or trainer.

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