Knovos Solutions

Information Governance

To address the complex challenges of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is important for any organization. Our enterprise solution enables consolidation, comprehension, and more active management and control over enterprise data.

Electronic Discovery

Highly insightful and streamlined data management is indispensable requirement to meet complex eDiscovery requirements. Our eDiscovery solution empowers litigation professionals and teams to easily process, analyze, ingest and review data sets while meeting security and compliance regulations.


Defensible Document collaboration with granular level access control permissions among stakeholders is a key element for organizations. Knovos offers a document collaboration software to cater this issue in a secure and meaningful manner.

Planning & Budgeting

To maximize productivity and to meet the performance standards & targeted goals, effective planning & budgeting is very imperative. Our performance management solution offers unique features such as strategic planning, performance budgeting, performance reporting, and performance analysis to maximize performances.

Project Management

Our eDiscovery project management solution brings transparency, collaboration and knowledge sharing among teams by promoting superior organization, communication, flexibility and automation.


Our arbitration management tool is a robust, encrypted, scalable product that facilitates and controls internal and external document collaboration and file sharing to mitigate security breaches.

Legal Hold

The legal hold process is not limited to preserving all of the critical documents related to a potential lawsuit. It also requires effective management of every step of the process, including simplified methods of communication and data identification to ensure defensibility, limit the risk of spoliation, and optimize business resources.

Regulatory Compliance

Monitoring and adhering regulatory compliance and internal organizational policies is mandatory for any organization. Knovos caters this issue by offering a tool for scalable, defensible, automated compliance & monitoring.