Arbitration has traditionally been conducted via paper-based documentation, e-mail messaging, or unsecured file sharing, creating the risk of exposing private information and case knowledge. As international arbitration increases exponentially, it is difficult to manage work across global office locations while maintaining strict access controls. Successfully arbitrating a case requires efficient and effective coordination and collaboration. This is particularly important when working with multiple dispersed parties. Arbitration practitioners need to make sure they are in control of their data and the case progress at every stage.

Knovos’ secure, collaborative, and cost-effective online arbitration platform enables teams to handle multiple cases involving a wide range of parties, including experts, witnesses, and the panel. Users work in a secure data room with full control over all activity, whether they are looking to manage draft control or reduce round-robin requests for the latest version of a document. Case managers also benefit from the ability to create custom workflows, while in-depth monitoring allows for the simple tracking of matter progress. A single solution that allows for multiparty access, editing, and sharing enables teams to focus their attention on what matters most — the details of the case at hand.



Arbicomm is a robust and highly effective arbitration management tool that enables different teams to store all related information and documents in a central repository, creating a one-stop shop for editing, managing, and sharing documents with other parties. As one of the finest document sharing...... Read More

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