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Claimants, Respondents, Arbitrators, Tribunals, Experts, and Arbitration institute members could collaborate via email and transfer documents or files through email attachments or FTPs. Still, this traditional approach could be more efficient and secure. Additionally, there is no way to get the audit trail of communication.

Confidentiality is a key to Arbitration so that no one can afford a breach or misuse of important business information of clients or parties. There is also a mandate to protect the users’ personal information associated with the case. And last but not least, Arbitration is considered speedy compared with litigation, so the members’ efficiency and productivity are imperative.

We have designed a specialized solution to simplify arbitration case communication and document collaboration. The solution is designed in line with various Arbitration Institutions’ guidelines and offers the best productive features for any time and anywhere accessibility.

It offers a secure, encrypted data room for uploading, sharing, and editing documents while tracking workflows. You can communicate, assign tasks and documents, and comment in a single, searchable environment. When sharing documents externally, automated features such as integrated email and a secure access link with granular permissions provide greater control over what third parties can and cannot access.

Here’s to expect

Secured Case Rooms

Secured Case Rooms

All the case communication and documents are encrypted end-to-end. Collaborate securely in a safe virtual data room and exchange documents without security concerns. IRM, multifactor authentication, geolocation or IP access restrictions, granular permission and access control ensure that all your documents are accessed by authorized users only. Audit trails and reporting help users to stay updated with the case proceedings.
Robust Collaboration

Robust Collaboration

Quickly Collaborate with your arbitration teams, panel members, experts, and counsel using our dynamic solution. It allows remote teams to access the platform from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Manage varied notes associated with each file, tags, checklists, and hierarchical relationships between documents enabling members to have real-time updates on the case.
Intuitive Workflow

Intuitive Workflow

Case Management involves a series of repetitive tasks and checklists. Our solution enables you to customize workflow and dashboard as per your needs. Q&A and email integration capabilities further solidify case communication.
Document Management

Document Management

Gain complete control over documents. Easy-to-upload, edit and share capabilities allow users to manage documents effectively. A secured centralized repository protects the files from unauthorized access. Version control, in-app document editor, real-time Q&A, and metadata field help understand the document better.
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Exclusive features

Effective case management
Effective case management
Advanced security
Advanced security
Seamless collaboration
Seamless collaboration
Improved control
Improved control

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