Arbitration cases often have an international component, involving multiple stakeholders from around the world. However, while some advantages may be gained from working in different time zones, dispersed teams can also make communication and data management challenging. Regardless, client pressure and professional standards require the same speed, diligence, and quality of service as if every member of the arbitration team was working in the same room.

Knovos’ arbitration solution offers user a secure, encrypted case room for uploading, sharing, and editing documents while tracking workflows. Robust features allow the team to communicate, assign tasks and documents, and comment in a single, searchable environment. When sharing documents externally, automated features such as integrated e-mail and a secure access link with granular permissions provide greater control over what third parties can and cannot access.


Arbicomm - Arbitration Management Solution

Arbicomm is a robust and highly effective arbitration management platform that enables different teams to store all related information and documents in a central repository, creating a one-stop shop for editing, managing, and sharing documents with other parties. As one of the finest document sharing...... Read More