When dealing with multiple cases and dispersed parties, managing an arbitration team can be a challenge. The smooth progress of a matter depends on efficient communication and coordination related to such responsibilities as evaluating and documenting decisions, filings with the panel, and settlement proposals. Unfortunately, many arbitration teams still communicate via e-mail, attachments, and non-secure file sharing. This results in a scattered and labor-intensive workflow, costing valuable time and increasing the risk of mistakes.

Knovos’ arbitration solution helps allocate tasks and documents to individuals or teams, as well as monitor the activities of each user, the handling of documents, and the overall progress of a case. Through granular controls and feature permissions, our solution ensures that both internal and external users only have access to what they need. Additional features such as task and document assignment, approval requests, Q&A/comments, alerts, customizable workflows, and checklists enable easier communication and an enhanced work product. Our solution provides speed and control over an arbitration team’s communication, activities, and documents, consolidating all related information in a single, centralized repository.


Arbicomm - Arbitration Management Solution

Arbicomm is a robust and highly effective arbitration management platform that enables different teams to store all related information and documents in a central repository, creating a one-stop shop for editing, managing, and sharing documents with other parties. As one of the finest document sharing...... Read More