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Streamline your workforce by ensuring better communication, productivity, and manageability

The new age of remote and hybrid work culture has transformed collaboration practices drastically. The traditional method of sharing files via email attachments, unsecured FTPs, or shared drives raises concerns about data security. Team members often struggle to locate the required document or its latest version. Additionally, the IT team has limited or no control over enterprise data.

Knovos empowers organizations of all sizes with advanced collaboration solutions. Our content collaboration technologies give complete control and visibility to your IT team over enterprise data.

Streamline content collaboration and communication
Safeguard sensitive business information from falling into the wrong hands
Become compatible with the latest data privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, CPRA)
Get 100% audit logs and tracking of data on the move and at rest

Drive workplace innovation by transforming the way you collaborate internally and externally


Collaboration is the essence of all successful businesses and requires an effortless approach to ensure comfort and safety. It helps you excel in your business expectations and goals.

With us, simply complex business processes and experience stress-free collaboration and communication transactions inside and outside the organization for quick results. Adapt our holistic collaboration solutions to boost your productivity and mitigate information management risks.

Enterprise Content Collaboration

New-normal work culture embracing remote working, BYOD, and real-time collaboration has exposed businesses to major cyber risks and data leaks.

Our high-end collaboration solution provides versatile flexibility and ensures secured document and communication exchange. Create custom rules to suit your organization’s workflow for working remotely with employees, partners, and vendors.

Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization

File sharing comes with a variety of risks and complications if not managed well. It exposes your business to threats like data hacks, loss of data, etc.

Our Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solution addresses such a crisis enabling a secure, robust, and reliable capability to transform conventional file sharing and synchronization over an enterprise environment. It allows employees, mobile workers, clients, partners, and other stakeholders to securely share and sync files, confidential documents, images, videos, and more across multiple devices.

Virtual Data Rooms for M&A

Contract negotiations, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, and other sensitive business matters all have one thing in common — their success depends on effective document management and team communication.  Businesses need to consolidate their transactional information into a single, safe repository that offers flexibility and simplicity.

Knovos’ highly secure, scalable virtual deal rooms enable internal and external parties to discuss, share, edit, assign and track all activity on a deal and its related documents and tasks in one place. We offer many advanced features to make your deal management effortless.


With current remote working situations, document approvals have become an indispensable challenge for most enterprises. E-signature makes it possible to send the documents immediately to clients asking for their approval in the form of signatures. Peers/clients can readily send their electronically signed documents fastening the document approval process.

E-signature strengthens security and speeds up the process. Eventually, save time, cut the cost of paper and printing, improve digital workflow, and reduce storage space.

Project Management

We offer a scalable, secure, and easy-to-use project management solution for complex projects.

Our solution provides quick insights and high security, which are essential features for senior management. It is a time and cost-effective solution that helps you to manage your projects efficiently, facilitating your teams with the most suitable workflow to execute plans and handle complicated projects.

Knovos Advantages

Addressing complex information management challenges since 2002!

  • Predictable Pricing

    Predictable Pricing

    Our cost-effective solutions are available for standard licensing and pay-as-you-go pricing plans

  • Flexible Deployment

    Flexible Deployment

    Choose On-premise, Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud deployment options that fit your needs

  • Hassle-free Onboarding

    Hassle-free Onboarding

    Our team helps you with data migration, user training, and product certification process

  • White-labeling


    We offer a complete white-labeling solution that enables you to set your logo and theme

  • 24*7 Customer Support

    24*7 Customer Support

    Our team of experienced professionals is just an email or call away from you

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