The financial industry is one of the most heavily regulated business sectors in the world. However, while financial transactions are routine, the related documents and communications are often sensitive and confidential. To ensure that banks and financial institutions are working off the latest information, they are expected to use technology for real-time collaboration with stakeholders and advisors. All of this needs to happen in a regulated environment that requires a high degree of compliance and privacy.

Knovos’ virtual data rooms and document repositories deliver document management and knowledge sharing in one convenient, user-friendly solution — with the highest level of security. Granular permission and document control, monitoring, audit logs, progress tracking, and online version comparisons are all available at the touch of a button. Our solutions also enable users to safely view, search, edit and share their documents from anywhere.


Cryptacomm - Secure Collaboration Platform

In legal and other sensitive business matters, it is not advisable to use unsecured means of communication, particularly for transactions involving confidential documents that could jeopardize compliance or compromise security. Cryptacomm is a virtual data room and collaboration platform that provides document management and knowledge sharing...... Read More