In a competitive world, it is imperative for any public- or private-sector organization to improve their information management processes. A corporation consists of multiple entities, including technologies, processes, persons, and other resources — all of which generate massive amounts of information that require innovative governance methods and platforms. Without effective management, corporations are too overwhelmed to compete effectively.

Knovos’ advanced collaboration solution allows corporations to streamline their operations and simplify information management across an entire organization. An intuitive folder structure enables employees to easily navigate the application and locate necessary information. Users are also able to securely discuss, share, edit, assign, and track progress on documents, allowing corporations to quickly and easily develop new ideas and enhance their standing.


Cryptacomm - Secure Collaboration Platform

In legal and other sensitive business matters, it is not advisable to use unsecured means of communication, particularly for transactions involving confidential documents that could jeopardize compliance or compromise security. Cryptacomm is a virtual data room and collaboration platform that provides document management and knowledge sharing...... Read More