Contract negotiations, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, and other sensitive business matters all have one thing in common — their success depends on effective document management and team communication.  However, the vast majority of communication for these transactions is still being conducted in insecure ways. Businesses need to consolidate their transactional information into a single, safe repository that offers flexibility and simplicity.

Knovos’ highly secure, scalable virtual deal rooms enable both internal and external parties to discuss, share, edit, assign and track all activity on a deal and its related documents and tasks in one place. Our solutions also offer advanced encryption, monitoring capabilities, and permission control over all users and documents. The combined effect of robust functionality, customizable workflows, and granular reporting not only enables teams to work better and faster but also provides valuable insights.


Cryptacomm - Secure Collaboration Platform

In legal and other sensitive business matters, it is not advisable to use unsecured means of communication, particularly for transactions involving confidential documents that could jeopardize compliance or compromise security. Cryptacomm is a virtual data room and collaboration platform that provides document management and knowledge sharing...... Read More