An eDiscovery Project Management Solution

Managing Multiple eDiscovery Projects is no Longer Tedious!

Adjust your resources, hardwares, and timelines with best-in-class eDiscovery project management solution

Most litigation support managers refrain from handling complex eDiscovery projects. The reason is simple; eDiscovery project management can sometimes be very tricky. It involves collaborating with multiple teams and managing various stages of eDiscovery process for multiple matters running at the same time.

Sometimes managers are unable to set a standardized process and it results in ineffective decision-making, delayed projects, wasted budgets, and loss of accountability. It impacts overall quality and service delivery.

To ease up the lives of eDiscovery project managers, we offer a comprehensive eDiscovery project management solution. All-in-one platform – Be it project execution, managing, auditing, or reporting.

Automated and customizable workflows, robust reporting, and a consistent audit trail streamline case management — empowering managers with control over tasks and information collection, and establishing clear expectations and deadlines.

Perks of having an eDiscovery Project Management Solution

Exclusively for Legal Operations Exclusively for Legal Operations

Exclusively for Legal Operations

Specifically designed solution for eDiscovery project management to handle complex eDiscovery cases seamlessly
Streamline eDiscovery Processes Streamline eDiscovery Processes

Streamline eDiscovery Processes

Manage all the eDiscovery processes like processing, review, analysis, and production on a single platform effortlessly
Build Custom Workflow Build Custom Workflow

Build Custom Workflow

Create an entirely defensible and auditable workflow for each eDiscovery stage, assign teams, and amend workflows to finish the project within the timeline
Simplify Complexities Simplify Complexities

Simplify Complexities

Bifurcate complicated tasks, eliminate the risks by cutting down the inefficiencies and taking control of the eDiscovery complexities such as large data volumes, multiple reviews, diverse teams, parallel communications, and more
Fully Integrated UI Fully Integrated UI

Fully Integrated UI

Quickly create new projects, manage expectations, eliminate risks, set a budget, define goals, and check real-time updates with complete control over the platform
Advanced Reporting Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

Get quick and elaborated reports on tasks, resources, budgets, custodians, activities, issues, communications, and notes
Process Automation Process Automation

Process Automation

Automate repetitive tasks like resource assignment, auto alerts, notification, asset creation, and many more by creating the rules
Real-Time Collaboration Real-Time Collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration

Increase the collaboration between IT, legal, and the project team. It allows to collectively retrieve, collect, and analyze data without risking spoliation of data
High-Security Standards High-Security Standards

High-Security Standards

Keep yourself one step ahead of the modern workforce's usual security to avoid security breaches and safeguard against hacking attempts
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